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Pain during intercourse

The longer a woman will endure the pain, the worse it will be for her.Even when the pain disappears, she subconsciously waiting for her and feels.Because of this, it starts to avoid relationships with their men and couples have problems.So do not suffer pain, and immediately contact a doctor.

cause of pain during sexual intercourse can be:

Defloratsiya- is fear, because of which the vaginal muscles and the entire body is compressed, which leads to such sensations.This is the first and the most common cause of pain.You yourself have to help themselves.If this is your first partner, you have to trust him completely.Make love in a condom to be quiet that you will not have an unwanted pregnancy, or you do not catch an infection.Relax will help warm bath, a glass of champagne or wine.Also, your partner should help you with this.Foreplay should please you, you should feel relaxed and at ease.But the most important thing you should know - is that sexual intercourse must be love.With the man who is parti

cularly close to you, not because you want to experience strong emotions.

also cause pain may be vaginismus.This is when the girl was unsuccessful the first time, or there was some unpleasant incident of this situation.In the following ways, this could affect the sensation during sexual acts.Therefore, in such a case you can help yourself or with the help of a psychologist.

There are cases when the hymen remains intact even after intercourse.But if your partner will understand the situation and help you in getting rid of the pain, then this problem can be solved completely.

If the pain occurs after intercourse or in time, it can be an indicator of inflammation.It is necessary to visit a doctor.If you identify any infection, you will need to be treated together with a partner.Since conventional assays for the study of infectious diseases can not show it.During treatment it is necessary to use condoms, but rather to stop sexual relations until they are cured.The cause of inflammation may be E. coli, fungi and other microorganisms usual.Consequently, the need to treat the inflammation and all problems will disappear.

If you have ever had problems with bowel or inflamed subordinate bodies, it can be a cause of pain.If you have been aching pain in the abdomen or bowel problems, it is quite possible that you may have adhesions in the pelvis.But you might not feel that you had hypothermia and inflammatory process, it will also affect soldering.For many women, there is a problem, but it does not bother some, but for some it becomes unbearable.In such a case, you should be examined by a doctor and get rid of the problem.

still possible you might disturb postnatal unhealed trauma.They also need to dolechit.

vermja reason for pain during intercourse, and before menstruation can be endometriosis.Its symptoms are also spotting.This disease can make your sex life a solid meal.So you need as quickly as possible, seek medical help.

If you have irregular sexual life, may be a venous stasis.While blood must move away from the authorities, it is, on the contrary, it is surging.Its manifestations may be the severity of abdominal pain in the vagina.Even when you are not sexual gratification becomes easier, and vice versa.Treatment can be physical therapy at the hospital.But it is much nicer to be treated with the man she loved and toys from sex shops.

Maybe the reason pelvic nerves neuralgia.Also it could be in any other place.Anyone touching the affected area can cause sharp, shooting pain.It is treated like other neuralgia, physiotherapy and warming ointments.

But to accurately identify problems need to consult a doctor.

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