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Erogenous zones A, P and U: G Spot competitors

erogenous zones especially individual case, but in mnogomimeyutsya and coincidence.In other words, for many erogenous zones are: ear lobe, tongue, lips, eyelids, neck, the skin on the inner side of the wrist, neck, chest, nipples, buttocks, heels, the area around the genitals and samipolovye proper authorities.

Simply put, to the list of erogenous zones can be attributed lyubuyuchast body, touching which causes sexual arousal.Naiboleechasto mentioned, and this is the most famous female erogenous zone - a point G. taknazyvaemaya Know this erogenous miracle, there is one "but" many psychologists are still unsure of the existence of a point G.Neuverennost physiologists deny the so-called"Practice", which claim osuschestvovanii erogenous zones U, A and P, however, the existence of these zones, they know not all.

Zone P

From an anatomical point of view of an erogenous zone, oboznachaemayakak P - is the area located between the anus and the vagina.

How to Detect: Do not find this section quite sl

ozhno.Dobratsya to this area really without acrobatic skills to the touch onapredstavlyaet a small portion of soft smooth skin.

But if suddenly happen that the search for P - band will go vtupik or discovered erogenous zone will be questioned in terms e—Ďprinadlezhnosti precisely to this specific classification, contact pomoschyuk his favorite, or better yet, use it as a visual aid.The point is that this area has not only the women, but also on the male body, iraspolozhena it is almost in the same place, between the anus imoshonkoy, and has a stimulating effect as if handled adroitly, takchto combine business with pleasure.

What to do: allow maximum effect dostignutpulsiruyuschie movement in this area.Iealternately proizvoditnadavlivaniya need different strength, fingertips, or language.

Note: stimulation of the zone P can help dostignutbystrogo orgasm is accompanied by a very bright sensations.

Zone A

This erogenous zone is located on the inside chastivlagalischa slightly higher cervix.

How to find: here search will not be so simple, just Iskor unlikely to succeed on the first try.Do not use poschitaytelishnim sleduyuschimsovetom, based on the characteristics of the location of the erogenous zone, "bare hands" will not get it unless the woman is not lucky with partneromnastolko that it has a particularly agile, sensitive hands sdlinnymi fingers like a pianist or a magician.If all the same ryadomokazalsya average man, with average hands imeetsmysl use the means at hand in the form of a special vibrator ondolzhen be quite thin, long, curved with the head at the end.

How to act: to stimulate uchastkapotrebuyutsya of uniform pressing, strength and intensity podskazhutoschuscheniya partner.

Note: to find this erogenous zone, can be forgotten problems with lubrication, if any, asIt demonstrated that stimulation of the A-zone, followed by copious secretions.In addition, if, for example, klitorstanovitsya particularly sensitive after orgasm, this zone pomozhetrastyanut fun becauseIt will be equally sensitive both before and poslenastupleniya peak of sexual satisfaction.

Zone U

This erogenous zone in the immediate opening of the channel blizostiot urination.

How to find: you can just ask, but if your partnerne search for easy ways, give a tip, the urethra or vagina raspolagaetsyanad a couple of centimeters below the clitoris.

How to act: it can do without spetsialnyhnavykov and without additional devices, it is sufficiently pure, and zhelatelnovlazhnyh hands or tongue.Stimulate the zone better too because silnyminadavlivaniyamiotherwise it will bring more discomfort, but not fun.

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