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10 juicy facts about orgasm

  1. Orgasm, translated from Greek, means passion, burning passion.Pushkin, once in his work mentioned "Mige last convulsions" that speaks for itself about what an orgasm is like a little death.Also consider the French.The British, in turn, believe that orgasm is comparable to honey.Since honey is very sweet product, the orgasm is considered the sweet taste of erotic bliss.
  2. Orgasm can also be interpreted from a physiological point of view.As a result, rhythmic contractions of pubococcygeus muscle, and the muscle of the vaginal walls appear quite pleasant feeling in the genital area.The very sexual attraction promotes the development of adrenaline in the body, so the heart is greatly enhanced.The number of beats per minute is about 180 beats, thereby, increasing the blood flow in the body, causing breast and lips swell and increase.At the time of orgasm, the uterus is pulled up, and the muscular wall of the vagina begin to decline sharply.Such reductions can be called ripple, each of which lasts for so long
    .For example, in women, one such reduction lasts within seconds, and all of them can be a maximum of twelve.Reducing the ripple leads to the extinction of orgasm.
  3. But what is the very mechanism of the female body from a physiological point of view.Some scientists believe that the emergence of orgasm defines brain.During sexual intercourse, irritated nerve cells of the genitals, then the spinal spine nerve signals are transmitted along the nerve endings directly to the brain, where it comes from a specific signal sent to the genitals.There is a concept in physiology, as the vagus nerve.Many scientists also believe that the vagus nerve is responsible for the emergence and occurrence of orgasm.Still others believe that an orgasm - it's a feeling that there is not only physiological, but also on a psychological level.And indeed it is.Indeed, in the process of sexual intercourse partners should feel each other, to be set up on one particular wave.
  4. In Britain, studies have been conducted to identify the similarities orgasms obtained by self-satisfaction, and by sexual intercourse.It was found that when making love with the second half, the feeling resulting from orgasm, will be much higher than when masturbation.That's because when sex is allocated a certain hormone that helps achieve orgasm.
  5. American scientists proved that during sex, men more likely to have an orgasm than women.So, it was noted that 68 percent of men reach orgasm and only 26 per cent - is the fair sex.But, nevertheless, when complacency reach orgasm 81 percent of women.
  6. Subject orgasm, it has become a popular topic of female to conduct all kinds of research.Conducting a survey among the population in order to determine how often, if at all, and reaches an orgasm or that woman.Thus, it was found that Mexican women are the first place to obtain orgasm, 51 percent of women.In South Africa and Italy, had 48 percent.In Russia get an orgasm 37 percent of women and 11 percent of Japan's total.
  7. interesting fact.At the moment of orgasm, come into force about 500 muscles in our body.Consequently, the process of orgasm can compensate for a little walk on foot.
  8. should pay attention to the fact that the process of orgasm, both female and male is comparable to taking drugs, as in the brain are open areas that are stimulated when using drugs.
  9. believed that orgasm is very positive effect on the exterior as well as the people who receive an orgasm twice, look much younger.
  10. During a long marriage, the ability to get an orgasm does not decrease, but on the contrary.In pairs of strong orgasm it happens more often than couples who do not have anything in common.

If you still have not experienced this euphoria kotoruyuneset a orgasm, do not despair.Important remember that in addition to fizicheskoysvyazi must be mental attitude.Do not focus, do not think oborgazme, just proceed to the pleasure, because everything is still ahead.