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Sexual fetishism as a pathology

first talk of fetishism as a deviation from the norm, stalipoyavlyatsya back in the nineteenth century.At that time, the famous psychologist AlfredBinet told about it in his writings.He thought that fetishism - etoseksualnoe attraction that occurs to inanimate objects have obychnogocheloveka.

After, in the early twentieth century, and particularly - in the twelfth year tysyachadevyatsot, Richard Freiherr - not less well-known psychiatrist, coined two terms "masochism" and "sadism", thereby expanding the understanding of fetishism.From now on, he was treated not tolkoveschi, but also parts of the body.

humanity knows many varieties of sexual fetishism as fetish objects can be countless.However, only vnekotoryh cases like sexual passion does not pass without a trace, atrebuyut to doctors.That is why, sexologists have studied few vidyfetishizma.

For at least strange attraction include apotemnophilia, etokogda a person wakes attracted to people who have no nekotoryechasti body, and there are genetic

abnormalities. apotemnophilia can vklyuchatv narcissism itself.In this case, more people predisposed kchlenovreditelstvu.

to one of the varieties of narcissism is automonoseksualizm , when a person wants to be like the object of the opposite sex, for example, with help of dressing in clothes uncharacteristic.The subject of fetishism vystupaetsobstvennoe body which man compares with the body of another.The most common-man compares his body with the body zhenschiny.Takoy kind of fetishism combines narcissism and fetishistic transvestism.

Another deviation from the norm - draft to a partner, have kotorogodrugoy color.It called a kind of fetishism - geterohromofiliey .Sleduetimet in mind - to identify this drive as fetishism, neobhodimouchest that attraction is caused by skin color, not the other lichnostnymiharakteristikami partner.

Coprophilia - analogue urofilii.The difference is that vmestomochi, the person experiences the excitement of his or someone else's feces cheloveka.Koprofiliya - a frequent syndrome is a mental illness that needs specialist treats.

Narcissism - libido is awakened to the most sebe.Cheloveka may initiate its own appearance, movement, and sometimes even svoivydeleniya, for example, semen or urine.Actions that makes people reject pritakom - masturbation, admiring them and autosadomazohizm.

pigmalionizm - attracted by the presence in svoeysobstvennosti art, for example - statuettes.By species pigmalionizmaotnositsya also pornographomania, which is associated with addiction to prosmotrupornofilmov.There sadistskiypigmalionizm.In this case, the person tends to destroy predmetyiskusstva who can not acquire personal use.

case where fetishism serves as fire, also imeetmesto be.It is called this kind of pyrophilia.You can find out if a person has a desire poyavlyaetsyanepreodolimoe anything to burn, and then observe the process goreniyai decay.

Ozolagniya , in other words - the olfactory fetishism.It refers to a variety ekskrementofilii.Predmet excitation - a specific smell that emits object seksualnyhzhelany.

Retifizm - kind of fetishism, comprising sebyavlechenie to leather goods.In nekotoryhsluchayah, and to human skin.

Urofiliya .Man gets pleasure from the emission of urine, sometimes even in the clothes from her observations, as well as other actions related to moisten.These include: drinking urine in another way - the golden rain, and the podobnyeinteresy.

Ekskrementofiliya .The role of the fetish include allocation of seats izintimnyh person.They are often associated with masochism.

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