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Favorite place for amorous activities

Again, the realization that you can not excite favorite costume clever-journalist, but as a dishwasher in an old T-shirt, has caused an overwhelming desire to leave, to hang himself, and go to a monastery.However noble impulse chosen you evaluate and thought: what are we all the "bed" and "cot"?Indeed, in our homes, in spite of their small-size, enough other interesting places love the action!

Kitchen. already unfairly negative mentioned above.The kitchen occupies in our lives too much time period to be ignored - it's because we only feminist forums are all emancipated from itself, but in fact - the very bare and the kitchen.So why not to use for a variety of the latest for which any sensible purposes not connected with the cooking?Therefore, wearing a naked body something where your dignity will be gleamed invitingly.For example, a shirt (Best Actor).It - shirt, not a T-shirt: The first has the button, and then your sparkling dignity yavyatsya his view disproportionately more.And, slowly stirring fork
in the saucer usual cream with a pinch of turmeric, say in a quiet voice in space: "Long time I did not prepare the bechamel sauce (tartare, Tabasco, think beautiful word)."At this point, the eternal question: "The old woman, and that we have for dinner tonight?" - Stuck at your chosen one happy in his throat, which immediately hear a hollow roar, so dear to your heart.
favorite place to be called a love of action and hallway.Entrance reason is rarely mentioned in erotic novels.

And for good reason. Come out into the hallway and look: instead of hanging there a coat, fur coats and thick jackets that you posted to refer to the dry cleaners.Hang-hang.So, all of this can be removed and beautifully spread out on the floor.And may elect unexpected (but you must wait until the end of hockey!) Hears coming from the hallway convulsive sobs.When he, frightened, ran out into the hallway, into despair sank to his favorite cashmere coat.Then, lift up his eyes to the obvious interest - say, my dear, it has still fallen, and it so gently ... Chosen One and then another hanger to screw as follows.All the same, it is you which year solely on the word of honor is held.

favorite place for loving actions can be considered and a bathroom.It is often mentioned in the erotic novels.But the trouble - not the bathroom.Here in your house has a swimming pool, suitable for medium-sized tolerable habitat hippo, as required by the alphabet of erotic science?Well ... But the Royal Guard is not giving up: Even in the bathrooms of our Khrushchev can come up with something worthwhile.For example, you can sit on the washing machine.Especially good spin mode.Another place of loving actions can serve as your little tub.Cheap, cheerful - and variety.

Trying need. Especially that there is still room, a balcony and ... what have you got there yet in the house have?Just do not take things too much to heart (if, God forbid, you will part) did not work, so that you, as a joke, threw all the furniture, which made love.The main thing is that you had a favorite spot for the love of action and it was super!

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