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What to do if you are caught in the hot ...

When we make love, it seems to us that in this world no one but the two of us, does not exist.The only problem is that sometimes the world thinks otherwise.And you merge in ecstasy, and then there is a third character (or, even worse - the characters), he looks at you dumbfounded, and then starts to giggle, swear or even fight, caught on the hot.

children. It all depends on the age of child.Up to 3 years, we are very pleased that our children are beginning to take the first steps, at first without taking into account that kids can do the steps in a completely wrong time.For example, the middle of the night.Do you think that the baby in the dream flies, so - is growing, and the baby, meanwhile, sweeping the bedroom, and then sees everything.It is not necessary to sound the alarm if it catches you on the hot.The child forgets everything, and no terrible psychological trauma he did not strike you.Of course, if you're not screaming just like to cut.Up to 8 years: the child already understands perfectly, a
nd importantly, terribly interested than girls are different from boys.And understand that from him hide something interesting.What to do if you are caught on the hot?So, it's time to stop this nonsense to fool the child's head, such as "my mother-father's cell once met and all - cabbage with a stork."What to do if you are caught on a hot?

Talk with your child. Well, if you do not dare, downloaded from the book "Where did I come."There's a good language and pictures.At the same time learn a little babe and read.Until 13-15 years old man already knows everything and understands that mom and dad are doing it, too.This means that in a piquant situation, you just say, "Knock it is necessary, my dear."Then wait until the little child is removed, calmly finish his work, and in the evening the three of us giggle.Older: tell him, let him not fit with their advice - Mom and Dad will understand, not small.Parents.Horror, huh?Yes, but you still need to steer.Your parents.I must say, "Mom, Dad, this is - Bob, we will leave in a minute."And get out.And be prepared for the fact that parents do not understand.They are not prepared mentally to the fact that their little girl some Vasya something pokes.Parents need to understand why you, so be good, they understand.They suck.Well, if John will, adjusted codpiece and ask for your hand, then they suck a lot faster.A Vase - respect.

His parents. It's bad.You can say, "Hello, my name is Mary, we Vasya together in a rest camp."But we must be prepared for the fact that his parents consider you a very frivolous, and break the stereotype you have in years.But we are not looking for easy ways.Head.Possible options.

So, if it was ... on a night out, you can get off a joke that, well, you are right here in this locker room strengthens corporate solidarity.The chief - a man, too.If the chief - a man normal, he will understand.It is, believe me, he is not without sin.... In the office during working hours, it is possible to write an application vigorously "on their own".Sex in the workplace during working hours is discouraged even the most humane corporate rules, and this blatant injustice, hand on the stapler, is not devoid of common sense.

couple. Oh.Well you really?If you found your husband ...: you have to bury her lover, and this is troublesome.He caught on the hot his wife: you have to buy a wig, because it grows back any time soon.But seriously, then the reasons that push us to adultery, we must do more to understand, and yet only one thing - if you do it, then at least take precautions so as not to hurt other people.

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