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Or squirting female ejaculation

essence of this process is as follows, during the orgasm of the urethra is released a jet of liquid, which is accompanied by a sharp impression in the process of getting to meet a woman.

It should be noted that the liquid released during squirting is not urine, asThis process is often considered involuntary urination.This liquid is sufficiently viscous consistency, almost odorless and is white and transparent.The smell may be present, but it is believed that it is changing and depends on the cycle.It argued that squirt allocated some of the glands, is a kind of female counterpart of male prostate, but the scientific and medical explanation of this opinion is not important.

However, it is fairly safe to say that the female "ejaculation" is directly related to the point G, which is located on the front wall of the vagina.To locate the G-spot is necessary to hold your fingers in the front wall of the vagina and find there a little rugged region.

In order for a woman to reach orgasm, accompanied
by squirting, it is necessary to produce rhythmic pressure on the point G. For a woman, it will be accompanied by pain initially small, turning into the urge to urinate, which will replace the bright, strong orgasm with a squirt.

bit of history.
earliest mention of this particular female orgasm is mentioned in ancient Indian treatises erotic orientation, the popularity of which is the Kama Sutra.In addition, the ancient Indian temples is not rare to find a picture, which shows the process of squirting.

also mention squirting found in the erotic literature of ancient China.

About squirting had an opinion, and the Greek and Roman scholars who believed this phenomenon norm.Even Hippocrates has not bypassed this process with their attention, claiming that released in the liquid has the ability to fertilize.

But there are other scientific opinions, as in the XIX century psychiatrist Krafft-Ebing, it was suggested that the process of the female "ejaculation" refers to neurasthenia woman and her tendency to homosexuality.With this opinion was in solidarity as Freud, who believed that squirting is associated with hysteria.

marked the beginning of XX century, the division of opinion on this matter, some scientists believe that this phenomenon is normal, and even in 1948, a study was conducted, in which like even been found Skene's gland.Still others stayed at that this phenomenon does not exist.

unequivocal explanation and justification of this phenomenon does not exist to this day, scientists have not reached a consensus about either the cause of the squirting, or on the composition generated during the process fluid.

How to reach orgasm so bright?
with squirt orgasm can feel absolutely any woman mainly depends on its ability to maximize relax and surrender into the hands of her partner, who also does not interfere with some preparation, or the right attitude.

There are two ways to achieve such an orgasm:
The first method is called "luring".In this process, the partner should enter two fingers into the vagina of his partner, with a bit of bending.And then begin to produce their movements resemble are those that lure anyone.This should be done slowly and smoothly and at the same time rhythmically pressing his fingers on the front wall (the one closest to the stomach) of the vagina partner whose feelings prompt the necessary speed and intensity of movements.The main thing that the partner was the most relaxed and strained muscles of the vagina in order to achieve maximum effect.

second method is very similar to the first, but here "lure" of the movement must be changed to a circular that there is a stimulation point G.

is possible that you will approach both ways, and perhaps that will help to achieve the maximum effectonly one of the two.Whatever it was definitely worth a try them!

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