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This love of the tyrant?

man-tyrant confident and always knows what he wants from people.He's strong, intelligent, authoritative.In fact, this belief is a manifestation of selfishness - it just does not accept failure with their wishes.The power and authority will soon pass into the authoritativeness and despotism.And every woman wants to be with a man strong, bold, confident.Another secret is that man-tyrant deliberately chooses a life partner weak, preferably with a sweet temper, which particularly need a strong shoulder near.This is easier to explain what he is beautiful, smart, skillful.This will believe in its inconsistency, will take its living conditions and be submissive wife.After securing

"victim" tyrant never voluntarily from it will not give up.He has his own methods of retaining the woman next to - has to pity (for example, I have never loved anyone), showering compliments convinces limp and inability to survive without it, but if peace arguments do not work for long use force.

So, dear women, later, to say goodb
ye to a tyrant is not so easy.The decision is important to take in premarital period.You should look to the chosen one, if it ever takes on the selection (where to go, where to walk, what to order, etc.).When a man speaks directly or hints about his antipathy to your friends and acquaintances, in the future, be sure to communicate with them will be reduced to zero, it is a matter of time.Man tyrant hurry to get right to the woman as soon as possible, so do not rejoice too quickly marriage proposal.In some embodiments, it can be traced extreme frugality - forgot, did not find a decent gift, save for the future of family life - here you still shines and amazing thrift, frugality and thrift.

But Lawless Heart, as a catcher for each animal runs.People love, get married and live together until old age.Tyranny is also possible to live life, not allowing at despotism and battering.This only by the wise and cunning enough woman.It is necessary at the slightest provocation to admire and praise her husband, reminding that he breadwinner (in most cases, to have at least some right to vote a woman should earn good, but in no way more than her husband-tyrant), agree with all of its decisions.His thoughts and plans need to implement in life so that my husband took them as their own.And if this behavior is disgusting and unacceptable for you, it is easier to break off relations, than to turn life into a nightmare by re each other.

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