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The sale is canceled dream: "virus" agedonii

you cease to please your favorite TV series, fashionable new dress ilivkusneyshy dinner at an expensive restaurant?All jokes friends you reagiruetesdavlennoy polite smile?The coming weekend is no joy?All it related that you caught "virus" agedonii: it is such a term in psihologiinazvano reduced ability to enjoy life.

By the way, it's a depression of News We know where everything is shrouded in black tones, and are seen nagorizonte thunderclouds.In this case, it does not come a black stripe and dark.Yiwu you for good reason!

first reason: This!

your dream to find a permanent ideal, as a rule, lead kpolnomu disappointment.And you in vain "hits like a fish on the ice," trying to do with the purpose of liboizmenit idealize even that very far from zavetnogoobraza.

diagnosis : «corn» happiness.

Symptoms : «Eschesovsem bit, a little bit more!»

main cause of the so-called joyless dneyyavlyaetes yourself: perfectionists who enjoy life, does not exist.The more you try to polish your happine

ss to shine, the more vvash soul accumulated frustration and fatigue.As a result, disabled vsetsentry pleasure, and at the same time he lost not only horosheenastroenie, and zest for life.

Treatment : Obrestipoteryanny heaven (where anything and everything was perfect), many people try to naprotjazhenii than one decade.But it is all to no avail.Do not ponaprasnutratit this your strength!I'll tell you a secret, being next to idealnympartnerom (suddenly you're lucky enough to make this dream come true), you simply will ochenskuchno!

second reason: vsevashi mast !

you ever thought that becoming a successful person, vsesvoi fulfill childhood dreams.And here you have them performed, and what now?How to live and gdecherpat new meaning to his life?

diagnosis : «tetanus" on the crest of success.

Symptoms : «How ieto all?»

All children's dreams should be implemented quickly enough: they are highly visible and concrete.But in the case when "a huge black jeep" uzhestoit front of the house (option: the "Barbie" and "Ken" doll house appeared friendly) what else can you ask for?If a person is and remains psychologically immature, it becomes very difficult to make new desires.Here you have this situation arise - boredom, unhappiness, dissatisfaction with life.

Treatment .One izsamyh simple treatment can be called shock therapy.For example, such naZapade sufferer for a week and put in prison, he looked at the sky through the bars, he begins quite differently appreciate all that surrounds it.

If your own pleasure tried, bring happiness to someone else.And you will surely feel this prilivudovolstviya myself.

Reason Three: "scary" words ...

You have fulfilled everything you dream about, but all the anxiety you ravnone leaves and because of that in your life there is not a happy day.

diagnosis : «Fever" because of the possible loss.

Symptoms : «Myrazorimsya, car theft, a dog poison, rob a house ...»

basis for such anxiety, according to a psychologist, is chtomy live in a country with high uncertainty, which usually generatesmass psychosis.By the way, the one who really have something to lose, the most nervous.And if you ever sit and wait for that tomorrow will be "doomsday", then how can he be taken, the happiness and the joy of segodnyashnegoblagopoluchiya?

Treatment .Of course, for peace throughout the world, we respond in any way we can, as it did not want.Noosnovat your personal oasis of stability, yet we are capable of, because vsegdamozhno insure a house, a car, put money into a reliable bank and t.d.Poprobuyte do it, and you obviously make it easier for their "suffering"!

Reason Four: lie!

Your career resembles zahvatyvayuschiykorporotivno-adventure where you play a central role.But as soon as you begin Congratulations on your success, you immediately throw pitiful: "And what is to rejoice?Others in my years uzhedirektora!That's when I will raise, and then I'll be happy ... »

diagnosis :« lazy »joy.

Symptoms : «Well kakmne enjoy life when the dishes are not washed out (not delivered a report without gotovakursovaya etc.) ?!But then something ... »

« Then let all the later "- are words that give hope and tutzhe it lay in a corner along with the happiness of what we have now.By the way, it may be such that it is the "then" you already unusable.

Treatment .Etotsamoobman have responsible people could drag on for years.By the way, the child never would never lay his pleasure in "dalniyugol" as long as it does not lay down vseigrushki in place and do not get a coveted top five in mathematics, and with neypohvalu parents.

«Here and now!" - This motto has always been osnovoyschastlivogo childhood.It is very important to carry through life vozmozhnostsiyuminutno enjoy the small details of life: radovatsyasolnechnomu day, meeting with friends, weekend and everything else that mozhetprinesti peace with himself.And wait for the "beach weather" certainly nesmozhet you bring a lot of joy.

Reason Five: the pain

you always used to sigh that "above nepodnyatsya you already."You will never be the machine as Olga, chain stores as uSvety ... In other words, the right to enjoy life have only your friends, but you do not uzhnikak!

diagnosis : happy "failure."

Symptoms : «I was lucky, some live this way ...»

Oddly enough, but the main destiny of all life cormorants izavistnikov assumed constant painful reflections on happiness velichinoysobstvennogo compared it with the happiness of others.As a rule, always greedy of life suffer from bulimia and envious ever dream zhitluchshe than anyone else.

Treatment .All namizvestno that to be happy someone else is very difficult.So it might still etogodelat not necessary, and to live their lives without zasmatrivayas success of others?

And finally I want to add, such madness anything good, except as the development of the gag reflex does not end there.Therefore, to a swami did not happen, you are strongly advised to go on a "happy" diet: reduce the amount of servings of pleasure, every event that carries seberadost and happiness "chew" carefully and for a long time!Do not be amiss to once again recall another of mudryhvyskazyvany Bernard Shaw, who alleges that sbyvayutsyamechty optimists and pessimists here at just a nightmare!

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