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How to win a laziness?


life like deducted from the famous novel "Oblomov" nobody likes, but exactly as long as one is not exactly in the same situation.Here are the excuses and inaction and unwillingness to change anything.Just think, a mountain of dishes in the sink or forgotten reports at the far drawer!We very quickly get used to everything, and laziness creeps quietly.Therefore, the first step is so important to honestly admit - yes, I am lazy.Once we admit for a one or the other weakness, we are aware of, and the place it occupies in our lives, we are able to look at ourselves and see the real picture of events.

can spend the day on the couch, two, months and years, accumulating around them not only mountains of dust, but the mountain of problems.How to beat laziness, if it becomes a habit?The only way to overcome laziness - to acknowledge their temporary defeat and decide to act.Laziness is very easy to recognize - it is us in a quiet voice, tells you how nice lie at the TV instead of to cook dinner in in

teresting conversation in the "ICQ" in the morning until late at night, in computer games and fascinating books - in all butoperation.If you succumb to the temptation, then after a few days people may feel weak, become lethargic and irritated for no apparent reason.Although the reason is obvious - all these problems of laziness you want to win.

first steps.

Anyone who has ever succumbed to the temptation to be lazy when it was necessary to act, knows that complexity is the need to do something, and in the first step, which separates you from the lazy parazitichnogo existence to an active life.It is in this first step, the main fear of people see, because in front of so many things, most of which will have to make up at a furious pace, as much has been lost.

should begin with small, if after a long break to start business at the same rate in which they live all around, it may be frustrating.No athlete will not train at the same pace after an injury or a long rest, and neither sloth should not start to change the solution of global problems.There is an old folk a way to beat laziness without much damage to itself - should start with cleaning the house and workplace.Our grandmothers told - in the house a mess - a mess in my head, and it's true.But it is necessary to throw away the empty packaging and bags, remove debris, spread things out, wipe the dust and get rid of sticky spots on the floor and on the table, it becomes easier to breathe and easier to start something new.Everyone knows that clean living more pleasant than in the mountains of dust and scattered things.And if you make a habit of daily cleaning, it does not take much time, and you will never find yourself among a heap of rubbish.


One of the main reasons why people start their own business is the inability to manage their time.The fact that it is important to plan your day, it is sometimes necessary clear plans and schedules that will help not to forget something useful and not to break out of the rut, said many.But for some reason, we often neglect.
For all that we do have the time - and to sleep and to eat, and to work and to relax.If some things are starting to change places if we begin to sacrifice sleep for work or work for the rest, it inevitably comes to passive existence.Not all the works that we have to do every day, we like the same.If stroking a fluffy cat is very nice, something to clean her toilet - no.But we all know what happens if you stop doing this even if unpleasant, but necessary procedure.It is important to allocate their responsibilities so that any complicated or just unpleasant things interspersed with lighter, there will be stress.


All of the above helps to temporarily get rid of the negative impact of the laziness of their lives, but it does not guarantee that one day you will be able to resist the temptation to postpone the important thing is to go to a meeting, to tidy up the house.How to beat laziness if it seems invincible?The secret is to develop good habits.This is the mode of the day, which shall not break even on weekends, is the control of the implementation of all its responsibilities and control over time spent on particular cases.The man who used to go to the shower and breakfast after waking up, forget about it until the evening, chatted with friends on the phone or in the "ICQ".The man who used to go to work, leaving important things for tomorrow, will not appear at some point of time and with a minimum of a dozen questions that need to be addressed urgently.The man who used to live in a clean house and look neat, even if you do not plan to go out, does not find himself surrounded by rubbish with disheveled hair.

known that habits are formed for some time.It usually takes several weeks to several months.But if you do something regularly, it will inevitably become a habit.In such a case, is not it better to accustom themselves to useful things, rather than to the different ways they do?

If we talk about how to win a lazy once and for all, not to mention the need to rest.A person can not just work, otherwise life would be boring and monotonous, which also lead to apathy and depression.Rest we need, we need the pleasures and indulgences, just important to learn not to cross the border between the well-deserved vacation and lazy existence.Man lives in the present, when it is active, sloth also adversely affects the overall quality of life, undermining the health, relationships with family and bringing hope for success at least.Only one step can be the starting point of a series of dismal days highlights.Does it - the choice is for each of us.