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Marriage to a foreigner

Highly any chance?

Russian girls have much of a chance to marry a foreigner.This has its reasons.Russian women in the world are known for their beauty and good disposition, in addition, many foreigners believe that the Russian girls are not spoiled, and, therefore, will not be too demanding, on the contrary, be obedient and understanding.
some foreigners attracted by the mysterious Russian soul, prone to self-sacrifice and forgiveness.In such desires of men there is nothing strange, because, for example, Europeans are more practical and less romantic.The man, in spite of all the opinions, often do not want to be near a strong partner, as a loving and understanding woman.

important whether appearance?

Foreigners appearance of the girl, of course, important.But do not be afraid of the high requirements.Foreigners rarely seek the ideal of beauty that we see in the pages of glossy magazines.They are more realistic in their desires, so marriage to a foreigner is real for most ordinary women.
As a rule, representatives of different nationalities have different ideas about the beauty of women.Western men like slim girls and oriental appeal and curvaceous.Light skin, blue or green eyes - that's what men like in the Russian girls.Eastern men would rather blonde, the Western men marry and brunettes, but that does not mean that the Russian girl with dark hair no chance of finding a husband from the east of the country.Many men agree that beauty - is not the most important thing in a woman.

What is more important than beauty?

Everything depends on her husband from what country would you like to.If you want to have a husband from Europe or the US, you should know that independence will be the quality that will appeal to a potential husband.Woman having their views on life, his own opinion, able to adapt quickly to new conditions of life, is more likely to find a husband in the west.Man of East appreciate in a woman, first of all, respect for the man as head of the family, the ability to compromise, thrift and patience.Russian bride endowed with these qualities in full, so they are in demand worldwide.
From Russian bride waiting for that and it will make efforts to create a strong family support and comfort in the house, take care of children.Marriage to a foreigner for many women - it is possible to realize, first of all.Their feminine qualities.Will a woman to make a career in a foreign country, for most men is not important, it is much more important is its ability to cope with their role as wife and mother.

Where to find a husband?

For most Russian brides marriage to a foreigner is possible, if we look for her husband through the Internet or with the help of specialized marriage agencies.Sometimes she goes to the spa, where her husband is, but most of these novels end quickly.Foreigners prefer to look for brides on dating sites or turn to professionals.

preferable to search for her husband through a marriage agency.Firstly, they have a broad base of men who want to start a family with a Russian girl.Secondly, they check all the candidates, and you can be sure that everything said in the questionnaire contender for your hand and heart, really.And, thirdly, foreigners have more confidence in it such agencies and, therefore, are turning to with serious intentions.

Services marriage agencies typically require a certain fee, which can be considerable, especially if you are looking for a very wealthy man, or use additional services agency - translator, psychology, astrology, organization meetings.

dating from think many girls fairy tale, that can not happen to them.In fact, it's not that difficult.The big advantage is knowledge of the language of the country in which you are looking for a husband, but there are many examples of successful marriages and without this condition.In addition, the presence of children from previous marriages rarely an obstacle to relations with the foreigner, as they are very positively inclined and love children.When mutual sympathy and common interests it is likely that feelings lead you to the altar and a long happy married life.

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