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Magic sacrament wedding

Many argue that marriage was created by God in heaven.Jesus sanctified and confirmed the process of marriage, when I was at a wedding in Cana of Galilee.Since the beginning of X century, a special rite of the wedding began to appear gradually.

Currently, the wedding has become very fashionable.At the time of the wedding couple in love becomes ever spouses before the Lord, blessed for a long and happy life together and having children.But sometimes the couple get married, and after a few years of marriage.

to conduct this beautiful ceremony the newlyweds should be carefully prepared.Often, neither the parents nor even the grandparents can not advise anything.These times married was not accepted, as it was possible to pay a career or a party ticket.

According to church rules the bride and groom should be kept for at least three days of fasting, then you need to confess and receive communion.Fasting for the believer - is abstinence, not only in food but also in sexual relationships.It is desirable that d
uring Lent people waged a lone, aloof from the hectic and busy lifestyle events, most of the time set aside for prayers.

at will, getting married newlyweds come to a conversation with the priest to ask in detail about the meaning and significance of the future of the church ceremony, to receive a blessing for photographing the wedding, as well as to find out what are the things you should bring to the church.

What you need to take on the wedding
  • official marriage certificate issued by the Department of Civil Registry Office. Although, as you know, marriages are made in heaven and priests loyal to the people.In most cases, the Church does not require its submission, relying on the honesty of the married couple of lovers.Nowadays we decided to marry before the wedding the newlyweds was officially registered.So if you are planning to make two events in one day, the newlyweds first have to go to the registrar, and then to the church for the wedding.
  • engagement rings that the couple exchanged earlier in the registry office. These rings will be used during the wedding ceremony.In the church, the priest again wear them, but consecrated, fingers newlyweds.
  • Two icons. to groom for the future head of the family - the icon of Christ the Saviour, for the bride, for the future guardian of the family hearth - an icon of the Mother of God.
  • wedding candles (a sign of pure love and chastity, and the grace of God) can be purchased directly at the church or icon shop.They are very different from the usual church candles.In view of wedding candles quite large, and can be decorated with decorative patterned swirls, flowers, figurines.Candles chosen by the couple, but it is important that they be sanctified.Candles better to take special handkerchiefs to the wax does not drip on the bride's dress and groom's suit.
  • white towel or towel and linen handkerchief four small.On a towel (a symbol of purity of marriage) bride and groom getting married at some point stepping wedding, they also father bandaging his hands in love couple, symbolically linking the fate of the two into one.Two linen handkerchiefs wrapped two wedding candles, and the remaining two witnesses wedding handkerchiefs held over church crowns newlyweds.
  • pectoral cross , which at the time was baptized the bride and groom.And the couple, and the wedding witnesses should be baptized and should profess the Christian Orthodox faith, if the wedding takes place in the Orthodox Church.Crosses should be on the neck, they do not need to take and give to anybody.If your parents do not cross, before the wedding you must first go through the rite of baptism.
Memo newlyweds
wedding dresses and bridal gowns, as they say in Odessa - two big differences.How would you fashionable do not want to look for a wedding dress should not be too outspoken and defiant - bright colors (such as red), deep neckline, long and high daring cuts are unacceptable in the Church.The best - go the way of the classic style and white.This ensures that the father will take you to marry, and that you will not be judgmental view of the local church congregation.If even some of the attire does not conform to church rules, it is best to cover her light scarf the color of the dress or throw bolero.

For hair of the bride as well, there are some requirements: better that it was a classic styling without any "frills" and jewelry.Fatou it is desirable to fix higher.If the hair does not provide for a veil, it is necessary to take with them to the wedding light scarf, which can cover the head during the ceremony.

Adopted at the wedding have witnesses, they are called a friend and boyfriend, and it is necessary that the guy was a bachelor, and the woman - unmarried.During the wedding ceremony must be two witnesses, they entrust them over the heads of the newlyweds to keep the crowns.Gender, age, marital status in this situation do not matter.

Naturally, you will want to remove the triumph of the photo and video.Shooting in temples usually allowed.But better to discuss all issues with the father, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.The temple specific lighting and high-quality photos and video should be entrusted to experienced people.

wedding Wedding ceremony takes place in two stages - the betrothal and wedding.The priest makes the ring on a tray.It is suitable for them, lighting candles, giving them over to the newlyweds.After this, the bride and groom exchange rings carried a triple.Married three times moved the ring on a tray to each other and then put each his own.This means that the couple give themselves to each other for life.

During the wedding the priest blesses their crowns and blesses.Next, read the Gospel, and then is brought cup of wine from which the bride and groom need to drink 3 sips.Wine - a church sherry or Cahors.After this young couple become one.

priest further connects his hand right hands newlyweds and leads them three times around the lectern.It is a symbol that the marriage will be the eternal union of the young souls and hearts.

After that sum to the king's gate Suite.Next, the groom kisses the image of the Savior, and the image of the Mother of God kisses the bride.Then they switch places.Then the priest gives them the Cross to kiss him.After the end of the wedding couple icons hang in their home in the bedroom above the bed.

Signs associated with the process of wedding
before the wedding in the morning should be put under the threshold of the castle as soon as the couple crossed the threshold, it is necessary to close the lock with a key, throw away the key, and the lock to save - for a long and happy married life!

If during the wedding candles burn evenly and smoothly, it means that the young waiting measured and happy life, but if the candle crackle, then life will be troubled.

wedding candles after the ceremony should be kept at home for a lifetime.

White towels, which were newly married, no one should give up and should be kept at home for happiness.

During the wedding couple in each other's eyes should not look, it can lead to change.

After the wedding celebration of the sacraments of the church to thank the young fresh bread, which should be wrapped in a linen towel.