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Extreme wedding - for the most daring couples

Some people jokingly say that the decision to marry in itself is the greatest extreme in life, entailing effects of a lifetime.But let's look at things the right way!Marriage - is really an event stirs the blood of the newlyweds, but the excitement is caused by exciting, pleasant feelings experienced by everyone - love.But those couples who do not get full satisfaction from the event itself, diluted wedding traditions of extreme entertainment, adds to the adrenaline.

Keep in mind that extreme hobby that has a desire to bring the celebration of weddings, especially for those who have certain skills and playing sports.But if you do not have these skills - it does not matter!The spirit of extreme sports can be saved by taking a few lessons from professionals who are willing to prepare well for this event.So, speaking about the idea of ​​extreme activities are the following.

air wedding
This holiday requires large investments, since the extreme can not be cheap, as it did not want.To implement the idea
of ​​air weddings necessary to hire a plane, helicopter or small size.It is inside of the vehicle and will be carried out the process of marriage.Newlyweds with witnesses and closest relatives, having everything you need, are found on the runway site, waiting for lift them into the air spaces, where there will exchange rings, uttering promises and words of love.There may also be sound and the first greeting the guests, if they allow placement of the vehicle.And if not, then it can be done already on the ground and with glasses of champagne celebrating on any open area, not far from the spot where it is planned to land.

very original and interesting, but also no less extreme, the wedding will look like, carried by a balloon.But in this case only the manager and the couple can take to the air, and the guests and relatives will be waiting on the ground.And one more important caveat - this marriage will not have an official form, so signature to the registrar still have to put.

Wedding parachute

If skydiving - it is new, it is necessary to take lessons from professionals, if this option is selected the wedding celebration of the extreme for yourself.Despite the fact that many consider the first successful jump at all, is still safe and to jump a couple of times prior to the scheduled event.

process is very simple and the triumph of effect.Wedding rings with the exchange is carried out on board took to the skies newlyweds plane or in the course of the jump.A down to earth, continue the celebration with entertainment for guests.

wedding under water

This kind of extreme wedding may be of interest to fans of sea adventures and water elements.But as the underwater beauty can be seen only in warm areas, most likely, a lot of family and friends as guests do not have to wait here.This holiday can be called "a wedding for two."

process of marriage occurs directly in the underwater depths.Festive attire newlyweds in this case - diving and mask, so that the words of love and with the promise of utter fail.But the impressions and emotions enough memories to last a lifetime.To capture the moment will have to resort to the help of a professional underwater photographer.

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