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What you need to know the bride on how to throw a bouquet

Poymatbuket and become the bride

desire to get married as soon as possible - that the trigger kotoryyzastavlyaet girls nervously huddling behind the bride, gathering brositsvadebny bouquet.After all, if you believe the signs, to catch this "baton" must soon go down the aisle, too: this year or in the next three - no matter how important that is svadbataki.But even if it's not true, all the same girl who would be in the hands of the bride's wedding bouquet, at least for a few moments, but still will be the center of attention, drawing corrupt by the views of all those present.

Brosaniebuketa bride - a fun lottery

The traditional scenario, the bride turns his back to armiinezamuzhnih wanting to be her successor.The procedure for building a future nevestsovsem not important, as long as the owner of the bouquet seen where someone is, lest arrange a special get into someone's specific hand.Then bouquet thrown up and back, and most nimble girl who poymalabuket bride becomes its new owner.

Note that the bouquet should be not only beautiful, but also strong, so still he could reach the hands of a single lady, of course, if the script is not provided for other celebrations outcome.

Originalnoebrosanie bouquet

brides who like to experiment, can come up with a bouquet variantbrosaniya or use one of the following.

  • bride blindfolded and put in the center of the room, where it is turned podmuzyku.At the same time, the unmarried ladies are around her and dance in a circle, the newly opposite direction.When the music ends, everyone stop isvadebny bouquet placed in the hands of a girl who at the time okazhetsyanaprotiv bride.
  • thought out in advance of a competition, which will have prinyatuchastie everyone to get a bridal bouquet.The winner of this prize konkursai get a coveted flower arrangement.
  • Bride given kolichestvonezamuzhnih girlfriends, picks up a few tapes, one of which binds ksvoemu flowers, and the rest just squeezes in his hand.Girls dismantle kontsylentochek and begin to dance around the bride.At the signal, they abruptly pulled zasvoi tape.Guests, in whose hands would be tied to a bouquet of ribbon zabiraetego currently.
  • advance ordered a bridal bouquet that consists of neskolkihotdelnyh parts.When you toss them separated from each other and stanovyatsyatrofeem not one, but a few lucky women who, no doubt, otsenyatshiroky gesture of the bride.

Bouquet by heart

There is a category of girls who, despite already stavshiytraditsionnym for us rite of throwing a wedding bouquet ready by negootkazatsya only due to the fact that they do not want to part with their buketom.Vyhodom of thisthe situation will be the order of the wedding bouquet for the bride dvuhekzemplyarah.One can then easily give to the "mercy" Well adrugoy leave a souvenir.

Thus, you can save your bouquet, and not to abandon stolkrasivoy, even now our traditions.

Kazhdayanevesta can choose their method of throwing the bouquet of the options and make it through even the end svadebnogovechera very intriguing and memorable.

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