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Wedding Dress

If the term is still quite small and almost invisible tummy, with a dress will not be any problems.However, from the corset luchsheotkazatsya hard, but if it is a mild variant in which the width can be adjusted on the back, even iprisutstvuet low waistline, which is framed "area", then try on, it is certainly right for you.If the belly is already older, what do you do?Not staraytesspryatat stomach, you still will not be able to do it.Best of all podobratplate which is offered specifically for pregnant brides.

Expectant mother is not easy to pick a dress, shops tolkonachinayut get used to the fact that now many girls are married in polozhenii.Poetomu start looking for a dress in the salons for pregnant a month before the wedding, apriobretite a few days before the celebration.

For belly grows every day, and the size of your budetuvelichivatsya.It is best to agree in the cabin on the fitting, where any platepodgonyat to your size.So the nerves and force on the day of the ceremony

will be in order.

It is best to pay attention to the classic style dlyaberemennyh with raised waist.So you will provide complete freedom svoemuzhivotiku.

course, is to choose a dress to your taste, because kazhdayanevesta individual.You can not only hide the belly, but on the contrary, to emphasize it.In addition, you can use as a dress krasivyybryuchny suit.

All wedding dresses for pregnant women have elastichnayavstavka that will allow you to move freely.

Remember that it is not necessary to decorate the outfit volume waves, flowers and other decorations, so you will increase your visual volume.

Intimate additions

Lingerie Pick a style of dress.Take vnimaniebyustgalteru that will keep beautiful breasts.The main thing that he nesdavlival her and difficulty breathing.If you have a tight-fitting dress, togdaotkazhites bra with lace and embroidery.

assortimentamozhno choose from a wide pants for pregnant women, which cover the stomach, panties or thong mini.A special underwear and baby will be comfortable and vam.Esli you constantly wear a bandage, then put a bandage dress tape.Eenikto not notice, and the stomach will be maintained.Try for pregnant body is a very beautiful and seductive thing, which combines panties, bra and covert support of the abdomen.

When you wear tights, remember that reinforced the torso nedlya you.Choose the model without tight elastic bands, with soft gusset hlopka.Luchshe all, if you buy Tights at the hips.

From stockings better to abstain, if they are not in the zone, because that may be swelling of the gums by displacement.Garter Bride mozhnopriobresti, it is not true, moreover it is possible to dress immediately.

Choosing shoes

Here you have to choose the most comfortable shoes, chtobyoni not spoil your holiday.For expectant mothers are often worried about seizures and Bolivia legs, varicose veins, swelling and fatigue.When there is a belly, my mother's gait changes due to displacement of the center of gravity, and when he vovseokruglyaetsya, then look down hard and often pregnant stumble narovne place.Remember that the heels will be much more difficult, and votnevysoky heel with a comfortable shoe will suit you.When choosing shoes otkazhitesot models that are too tight, crush or crash, even if very ponravilis.Kogda gain shoes, do not hide it in the closet and try to break in, the need for the App you can return it to the store and pick up something boleekomfortnoe.You will be able to do this within 14 days, more importantly, keep the receipt.

Tip: if you feel good, you can put on shoes pins to the ceremony, and later mozhetepereobutsya more comfortable shoes.


Pick veil that will go well with the dress, if your pregnancy is all secret, because everyone knows that the veil is a symbol of innocence.

If everyone knows that you are wearing your baby, then mozhnoostanovitsya on someone more discreet version, or even replace eesvadebnoy tiara or hat.


If you already widened, then discard otbuketa in the shape of a ball, it will give you unnecessary volume.You no longer fit-bouquet bunch sdlinnymi legs, a small bouquet-drop, even if it is assembled stage.


most beautiful bride - a bride with beautiful and schastlivymlitsom.To the ceremony look good, try to get some sleep and take a shower utromobyazatelno.

Do not experiment.Use only privychnymivam cosmetics.Even if you buy expensive cosmetics, unaccustomed to the skin can react to neerazdrazheniem and redness.

Carefully Pick up perfume.In the shop he could vamponravitsya, and now can cause nausea and disgust.

Do not do before the wedding bleaching and cleaning of the face, hair removal, deep peeling, eyebrow correction and coloring, and other globalnyesalonnye procedure.The result can be unexpected and correct budetnekogda.

Do not bright makeup, simply emphasize the beauty of the lips iglaz restrained natural tones.


wedding hairstyle can be done in the short and in the dlinnyhvolosah, everything depends on the headdress and makeup.Hair again be beautiful iudobnoy to never pulling hair and no sense of discomfort.Vprotivnom case, in the midst of the fun you will start to get a headache.If hotiteukrasit hair with fresh flowers, then leave this work to professionals, otherwise tsvetymogut fade, crumble sooner than fun or even vyzvatallergiyu.

Can expectant mother to dye your hair?Modern kraskipitayut hair, also in the lounge you can color your hair without contacting skozhey head, so you can not be afraid for the baby's health.Especially esliv you do this only once.You can apply a tint foam that neprineset harm you, but only refresh the hair color.

However, in any case, if you decide to dye your hair, togdasleduyte these rules:

  • Pick tolkohoroshie, quality hair dye,
  • before the procedure perform the test for skin sensitivity -nanesite a little paint on the ulnar fold on the inside,
  • not paint the hair if the scalp ochenchuvstvitelna,
  • Wear gloves if dye volosysamostoyatelno,
  • due to pregnancy color can not get one kotorogovy expected, so do hair coloring a week before the celebration.


to know how long it will take to get ready in densvadby, perform a kind of rehearsal, then do not have to be customized.


Everyone knows that without a festive table and the wedding nesvadba.But how to behave bride who is waiting for a baby?Most importantly - a sense of proportion and adhere orientirovatsyapo his being.You can prigubitshampanskogo soft drink or a good white or red vina.Storonites fried, fatty, salty and sharp, or at least try to nepereuserdstvovat.In addition, it is not necessary to try dishes that you never neprobovali.Remember that after veselyavam have to go to a doctor to be tested and weighed.After all, no child nivam complications are not necessary.

Now that all ate, and you can dance pustitsya.Veselites, participate with her husband in funny competitions, sing, poluchayteudovolstvie from the wedding.Remember that if you are good and fun, hence malyshchuvstvuet itself perfectly.Try nepereutomlyatsya periodically go out into the fresh air and a break from dancing.