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Rules applying makeup, makeup for brunettes

There are a few very important rules applying makeup, makeup for brunettes, which simply must be performed to owners of hair color.About them we'll talk.

natural makeup fits most brunettes.It's a make-up, in which the person does not look rouged and focuses on the natural color of the skin.

In order to preserve the freshness of the skin is not made up, it is necessary to abandon the strong hiding assets.Tone Day Cream, which is suitable to the natural color of your skin color will revitalize your face.Transparent primer as good.Shades of primers must be suitable to your skin tone.To determine the most suitable for you color, apply some paint on the face of the one next to the other.Your color must be visible on the skin.

Warm shades based on brown, or yellow are most suitable for the eyes and lips.Eye shadow to light skin must be chosen ivory, beige or light pink.But the dark skin can choose shades of brown, purple or brown-gray.

mandatory rule is that the selected shadows should be combined or sh

ine lipstick.She, in turn, acts as an amplifier of natural lip color.Shades of pink are suitable for light-skinned girls, for darker skin types can be selected red and brown hues.If you are a person with freckles, you fit peach and coral colors.Pick blush color as close to your natural blush.

What can we dictate the rules, and what is the sequence of applying natural makeup for brunettes.Apply make-up should start with a moisturizer and bumps on the skin can be eliminated with the help of tone.Then we put the applicator or brush eyeshadow to the crease.Softly shaded contours.There is one little secret, if dry shade apply a damp brush, they will be better to hold on.

from temple to jaw with your fingertips to put the transparent gel blush in the form of small dots and well-grind.Lips draw out a pencil and paint lipstick with a brush.For the lips, which are by nature pink is sufficient to apply the colorless shine.

cotton swab is then applied only to the greasy patches on the forehead, nose and chin just a little bit transparent powder.

attach the desired shape brows with the brush.Tinting eyebrow pencil the right color and shape for fixing the hold on them brush again.Apply to the eyelashes black, while light skin and light eyes - brown mascara.

picking up his makeup will certainly need to consider your face shape and eye color.There are different types brunettes: a square, round or elongated shape face, some are bright, others - dark eyes.For all of them used a variety of techniques, and the color palette of decorative cosmetics.Here are some examples of makeup for brunettes:

makeup, which is used for brunette with bright eyes and an elongated face shape .

To select this type of powder brunettes dark tones.You can use blush lilac-pink.They need to be applied to the cheekbones in a triangle and gently feather to his temples, and the need to abide by the smoothness of the transition.To reduce the visual chin, it is applied and shade smear rouge.For ever apply the shadow purple and gray tones.The inner corner of the eye painted in lilac tone and appearance - in gray.Apply black mascara for dyeing eyelashes and lip choose lilac-pink lipstick.

Consider the makeup that suits for brunettes with dark eyes and an elongated face shape .

general tone of color, which is suitable for this type of person - a dark tan.To reach it using powdered powder or liquid cream powder.Choose a blush brown shade, they should be applied to the cheekbones in a triangle and carefully shaded to his temples.To reduce the visual size chin, it also applied a small amount of blush.Eyelids cover the shadows of two colors: ivory and golden brown.Brown pencil on the lash line fed the lower eyelid.Choose mascara and eyebrow pencil brown.Take the lipstick cherry color.

Makeup for brunettes with dark eyes and a square face shape .

Overall skin tone for this type of brunettes - peach color.Choose powder yellowish orange.Choose brown blusher and apply them on the jaw bone, and along the hollows in her cheeks.On the inner corner of the eye we put beige shimmering shadows that turn into brown shade to the outer corner.Lower eyelid emphasize light brown pencil.For eyelash use brown mascara.Choose a terracotta color lipstick.

Makeup for brunettes with dark eyes and a round face shape .

We achieve swarthy skin color using a tan powder.Use blush brown color that stains the jawbone and applied to the cheekbones vertically, directing the eye to the outer corner.On the inner corner of the eye we put purple-gray shade at the outer corner - the shadow of a dark gray color.Dark gray pencil emphasize the lower eyelid.Black mascara and black pencil suitable for dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows.Use bright lipstick, pink beige shade.

Consider makeup for brunettes with light eyes and a round face shape .

give a person the general tone of light tan.In order to give a person the amount, use brown blush.We put them on the cheeks vertically, reaching the outer corner of the eyes, and a small amount of blush - on the jawbone.Light beige and pink shade applied to the inner corner of the eye.On the outer corner of the eye caused by more saturated brown shade and shade.Eyebrows and eyelashes can tint brown pencil and ink.On the lips plot the orange-red lipstick.

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