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The use of honey for body and hair

honey dlyakozhi What gives?

primarily honey cleans our skin from izlishkovzhira, dark spots, sebaceous plugs and other contaminants.Thanks ochischeniyunasha skin is better "breathing" and it has a positive effect on her condition.Kromeochischeniya, honey helps regulate water balance.After honey masks teleostaetsya invisible film.It is this film protects the cells from excessive poterivlagi, eliminates peeling and dryness, as well as prevents prezhdevremennomupoyavleniyu wrinkles that usually appear because of nedostatkavlagi.

Honey improves the metabolism.More specifically metabolism uluchshaetsyaza by enzymes contained in honey (catalase, invertase, diastase iprochie).These enzymes stimulate metabolism in the subcutaneous layers.A etouskoryaet synthesis of collagen and elastin, restoring damaged areas so forth.The honey than beneficial enzymes, contains many vitamins imakroelementov: A, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, potassium, copper.

Thanks formic acid and sugar, ho

ney obladaetbakteritsidnymi properties, so it has long been used to treat kozhnyhzabolevany, cuts, scratches and other damage to the skin.Mineral solimargantsa, aluminum, copper, silicon, boron, tin, chromium, nickel and zinc, which composition vhodyatv honey regulate tissue respiration.This improves the color ivid skin.

It should also be noted that honey possesses rasslablyayuschimdeystviem.That is, in fact, it can be considered an antidepressant.

effect of honey maskidlya neck and face

If you noticed that the skin of the face covered with mesh, appeared fine wrinkles, change its color, or it has become less elastic, tomedovye mask will help restore its freshness, bring her to tone, cleanse andsuzyatpory.For better masks taking the product of the cellular cell, they contain bolshepoleznyh substances.You can also use an ordinary liquid honey.Honey mozhnonanosit only on clean skin.It can be used as an outright as well as with the addition of other components.The results will be zametnyuzhe after the first application: skin becomes firmer and improve its appearance.Noesli significant skin problems, then it is recommended to take a course: in techeniemesyatsa make masks 1-2 times a week.

effect of honey maskidlya body

skin of our whole body requires care.Especially in summer izimny period when there is no moisture, vitamins.From this skin begins teryattonus and elasticity, and also appears peeling.Honey helps to get rid of etihproblem.It cleans the epidermis of dead cells, nourishes the skin ivosstanavlivaet water balance.The most effective - honey wrap.Nouchtite that in certain diseases of honey wraps contraindicated: thrombophlebitis, cardiovascular diseases and so on.

effect of honey maskidlya hand

Our hands, like the whole body, also need povsednevnoyzabote.Every day they come into contact with water, detergents, wind, temperature changes and so on.All this is not the best way skazyvaetsyana condition of the skin of hands.Additionally, the skin on the hands and thinner underneath menshezhirovoy layer.The result is that it is aging faster.Therefore, chtobyizbezhat premature aging, every day use hand cream, honey masks atakzhe do.Because of biologically active substances, kotoryesoderzhatsya in honey, the skin will remain beautiful and supple.

effect of honey hair maskidlya

our hair beauty also needed poleznyemikroelementy (sulfur, potassium, zinc, manganese, iodine), vitamins (especially B group), amino acids, proteins, and so on.In the honey contains nutrients such okolotrehsot.Therefore, even honey has long been used for the treatment of hair.With raznyhmedovyh hair masks can give strength, elasticity, shine, strengthen their growth so on.To enhance the effect of the honey, it is recommended in such maskidobavlyat essential oils, plant juices, egg yolk and so on.

Honey massage

massage with honey made in ancient times.Some spetsialistyutverzhdayut that a positive result after honey massage comes because of the "vacuum effect" that occurs at the moment of contact with the hands telom.Drugie firmly that the result is manifested precisely because nasyschennomusostavu this product.Whatever it was, the result is really very good est.Prichem.

Honey massage is different: anti-cellulite, face, dlyavsego body or its individual parts.Facial massage are best left to a specialist, as the skin here is thin and easily damaged by careless manipulyatsiyami.Antitsellyulitny massage can be done at home by yourself.He pomozhetvosstanovit muscle tone, smooth skin and orange peel.

Before beginning any massage must always sdelatpiling problem areas.This will help to cleanse the skin and then it will luchshevpityvat nutrients.Further sharp pat neobhodimoobrabotat all problem areas.This will improve blood circulation and lymph flow vpodkozhnyh layers.Such manipulations stimulate lipolysis otlozheniy.Blagodarya anti-cellulite honey massage of your body active nachnutvyvoditsya toxins, toxins, your skin will not only be more elastic, noi pleasant to the touch, and it is cleared.

Dazheesli you do not have noticeable skin problems, it is recommended to do profilakticheskiemaski with honey.This will help to prolong youth.

Honey - a unique product.It contains a lot poleznyhvitaminov and substances, enzymes and trace elements.Therefore, its use netolko for masks, but also in food.But be sure to check whether you have to negoallergii.We wish you to stay healthy and beautiful.