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Laminaria wrapping

Laminaria as drug use began in China in the XIII century.Emperor issued a decree stating that all residents had to eat cabbage in a food as a dietary product, and as prophylaxis.With this decree, sea kale brought by the state treasury.

kelp are widely used for wrapping.For treatment use only fresh sea kale.Why is that?Because canned or pickled kelp loses most of its beneficial properties.But dry cabbage does not lose its useful properties, only losing moisture.If dried kelp has complied with all the technology, when it macerating it does not differ from fresh.

Laminaria in the fight against excess weight
Laminaria - quite an effective tool for weight loss, thus relieving swelling, helps fight against stretch marks and cellulite.Suitable for wrapping sheet kelp.It is convenient, because the leaves are long enough (more than a meter) and large (from four to fifteen centimeters).

wrapping dry seaweed is soaked in water.Thallus leaf is straightened, it becomes pale olive color, but the surface itself i
s covered with a sheet material which has a gelatinous consistency and is called agar.

Laminaria very well helps fight excess weight and cellulite, it turns out particularly well from the whole sheet of seaweed.Whole leaf kelp is very rich in various compounds that contain iodine.Iodine is an activator of burning fat, and regulates metabolism.This procedure is well moisturizes the skin and mineralize it helps to eliminate toxins.

process wraps
whole course consists of eight procedures, during which will take at least three kilograms of dried kelp.Before the procedure, the body scrub clean, called "Ficus" or "kelp" - they are specifically designed for the body.From scrub enhanced blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Then on the desired areas of the body imposed algae.A person is required to remain free.When maceration seaweed covered with jelly layer that provides good contact with the skin.This means that the so-called exchange takes place between the cells of the skin and laminaria.By the time the procedure takes up to six hours.At this time, you can sit back and relax, which is very important for the rhythm of modern life.

After the procedure, the algae is removed from the body and cause a special gel that nourishes the skin with nutrients.In the gel enters betulin and clay, so it has a well-defined anti-cellulite properties.Once the gel is rich in antioxidants and it improves the condition of skin and metabolism.

wrapping effect is noticeable after the first procedure
But there are contraindications of this method wraps - is damage to the skin, skin disease.You may experience allergic reactions - itching, redness or rash.In this case, the seaweed is better to postpone.

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