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How to find the perfect skin?

1. bath or sauna

The benefits etihprotsedur can talk a lot and for a long time.Visit baths or saunas sposobstvuetuluchsheniyu circulation, get rid of toxins, toxins, accelerate obmenaveschestv, remove dead skin cells and more.If you want chtobyvasha skin was elastic, supple and young, sauna as possible chasche.Luchshe just do it once every two weeks.

2. Douches

This procedure nemenee useful than the previous one.Moreover, it can be performed at any convenient time dlyavas.Through contrasting the soul, you can increase the elasticity of the skin and uprugostvashey.In addition, this procedure is well-invigorates and gives a boost of energy naves day.

3. Shower gels

nasispolzuyut Many of the usual soap in the bathroom instead of the proposed cosmetics.Izrya, girls, we do it.Standard soap even if it soderzhatsyakakie and any nutrients deprives our skin protective layer, dry it iobezzhirivaet.Pay attention to your hands, you wash every day with mylom.Esli not use the cream for them, the

skin will be tightened and unpleasant to the touch.Similarly, the skin of the body.Therefore replace the soap shower gel ilimolochko.Today the assortment of these products is very diverse.Osnovnyesvoystva these funds are aimed not only cleansing, but also nazabotlivy, gentle care for her.

4. Body Lotion

Lotion should stoyatv bathroom on the shelf every girl.He is simply irreplaceable.After vodnyhprotsedur our skin is deprived of protection and lotion help get her back.Egoneobhodimo Rub in circular motions, carefully massaging his knees and elbows, it is in these places the skin rough and dry.

Some believe that moisturizers are better than lotions.But it is not.Nelzyaispolzovat cream every day for a long time, since onizabivayut pores and skin stops breathing.But the lotions in this regard sovershenobezopasny.

5. Oil

oil telapomogaet make up the deficit in the skin moisture and keeps it there.Maslomozhet be either dry or liquid.Dry better that leaves nikakihsledov on clothes, so it is more practical.But the best part notenjoyed oil - two or three times a nedelyubudet enough.

6. Thermal or cotton underwear

Lingerie For winter is the best option.If you use a synthetic underwear, the skin irritation or itching mozhetpoyavitsya.Sometimes it comes up and allergies.In addition, the underwear of synthetic violates heat exchange, does not give the skin to breathe and uderzhivaetpot.

7. Clothes made of natural fabrics

Such clothing vsegdatsenilas.And the more it in your wardrobe, the better.Natural fabrics outputting not only more pleasant to the touch, but also much safer.And now we are talking about the safety of outputting not only the skin, but also about health security.Many odezhdasposobna cause skin irritation and even poisoning (from dyes).Stoitotmetit that clothing made from natural fabrics more expensive, but the quality is gorazdoluchshe.These things will serve you much longer.

8. Fresh air and sun baths

Fresh vozduhpolezen not only for skin, but for the entire body.Through walks vashakozha breathing, and therefore receives all the necessary material.The sun does not meneepolezno, but you need to know sunbathing measure.Do not get too uvlekatsyasolnechnymi procedures, otherwise can damage the skin (sunburn, skin-dried, and so on).To avoid negative consequences vsegdaispolzuyte sunscreens.They will help to preserve youthfulness of your skin its elasticity and silkiness.

9. Massage

The benefits massazhamozhno say much.But we will not go deep and just recall that massazhpomogaet get rid of toxins and normalize metabolic processes of the skin and vsegoorganizma in general.

10. Exercise

If you do not want to have your skin was flabby and saggy, sport.It pomozhetprivesti your body to tone and maintain your health.Each lesson vypoluchaete powerful flow of oxygen, which is a must for the skin.

11. Baths

Bath tolkopolezna not, but pleasant for health.Vvannoy you can relax, relieve stress and tension that have accumulated vtechenie day.Besides, Bathtub and useful in that the vapor which it skaplivaetsyanad good effect on the skin - clears and opens its pores.

vvannoy Do not lie still.It is best when swimming to massage the body itself ilirastirat sponge.Remember that for sponge need special care.After kazhdogoispolzovaniya it should be washed thoroughly to have accumulated on it mikrobypri not wash rubbed into the skin.

After vannyobyazatelno need to put on a skin lotion or cream.Do not forget your feet.

course odnihtolko herbal baths, shower gels, lotions, creams and other kosmetikinedostatochno to your skin always looked perfect.We must remember that dlyakrasivoy and well-groomed skin needs a healthy lifestyle.Therefore stoitotkazatsya bad habits, sleep well, exercise, pochaschegulyat outdoors and eat healthy food.If you observe this, tovasha skin will look perfect at any age.

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