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Is it worth it to do plastic surgery?

bags under the eyes.

From a medical point of view, "bags" under the eyes - is the accumulation of fat.This is where there is an eyeball, but sometimes the fat goes down and forms a "hernia", from which eyes ever look tired.This can happen even in the 30 years.If there has been such a problem, you must first go to the beautician: it may be swelling, which go after a course of lymphatic drainage.Then it is necessary to rule out medical causes swelling under the eyes, such as hormonal imbalance or thyroid problems, and only after that to go to a plastic surgeon.

Solution: until the skin young and supple (average 45 years), operate with bags under his eyes from the mucous membrane of the eye - this means that the scar remains.The surgeon removes excess fat and skin is stretched.However, there is a danger to remove too much fat, which at these locations, as opposed to the thighs and abdomen, is not restored.Then look will look "sunken".But this problem modern technology can solve.Before surgery is also

a task to restore the mechanical properties of the circular muscle of the eye, which keeps the fat in put him spot.

second chin.

excess skin on the chin, by which a person looks heavy and swollen, can appear not only with age.And the problem is not excess weight.The main reason - the very structure of the chin.Some of it is small or short on the nature and on it there is excess skin and fat that forms this terrible crease.And to lose weight only chin impossible.

Solution: Surgeons knows two ways to remedy the defect.If the chin is quite small, doctors recommend to do imlantant silicone chin becomes more skin on it is stretched and "second" chin disappears.The second method is suitable for those who have the chin more or less normal, but with age, fat is still accumulated - is posaktsiya-muscular or plastic.With chin removed excess fat, "put" in place muscles and gets a clear outline of the face.

first signs of aging.

Wrinkles - is not so bad.With age, the face changes yet because the tissue loses elasticity and worse oppose the force of gravity - lowered corners of the eyes, cheekbones and cheeks tend down to the chin outlined flews and the person loses clear contours.For a long time the main weapon in the fight against plastic surgeons age was circular lifting.To do this it was necessary to first to grow old, and then again just "pull" face.It looked like all this to be extremely unnatural.

Solution: now rejuvenate the face differently.He is trying to restore the contours of which have been in his youth: to lift the eyelids, cheeks, back muscles and tissue in place.For this purpose, the injection and various yarns and simulating endoscopic surgery.Using small incisions doctor returns fabric to their rightful place, with the face slightly changed, but from the outside it looks as if you're rested, slept and competently dealt makeup.In fact, the amount of intervention by endoscopic lift even higher than the traditional one.But the surgeon is much wider.

Heavy eyelids.

age, eyelids lowered, and the look becomes heavy.But in fact, with age, it's just become more noticeable, and the case - in the form of eyebrows.When the eyebrows are high, an arc shape, the look looks open and his eyes - large.Plastic surgeons even identified the perfect arc of eyebrows: the distance between the upper eyelids and eyebrows should be at least 2.5 cm.

Solution: Surgeons change the shape of eyebrows, lift the tissue and eyes open.This operation is performed endoscopically, that is a tiny incision (in hair).After surgery, may also disappear under-eye bags and drooping corners of the eyes up.When the eyes of age-related changes are already visible, then at the same time and make the plastic upper eyelid: take away excess skin and fat."Raised" eyebrows may eventually fall, especially if the skin is thick from nature.But plastic century - it is forever.

"breeches" and "ears".

clear that obesity is best to fight in the gym and diet.But the female body is inclined to the formation of problem areas - on the thighs, the abdomen, and on his knees, arms in the area of ​​the chest.Doctors call these places fatty "traps" that are even women of normal weight, and sometimes a problem at all hereditary.Therefore, leave the "ears" and "riding breeches" can be very difficult.In such cases, just the woman often decide that it is worth to have cosmetic surgery.

Solution: When all methods are tried, can do liposuction.Lose weight so that it is impossible, but you can only remove local fat deposits.Thus, even in these local areas of fat should be enough, otherwise the result will be almost imperceptible, and all the suffering - in vain.And after liposuction done, we still diligently engaged in fitness and exercise greater oversight power, restore skin elasticity using creams and treatments, and the first few months of slimming underwear to wear.The result will be evident after 4 months, when the swelling will be.So that option "from anesthesia departed - and the beauty is gone" - does not pass.

What how do.

Liposuction is one area - about 10,000 rubles.

Contour silicone chin implant - from 50 000 rubles.

Liposuction collections - from 20 000 rubles.

remove excess skin under the eyes and hernia - about 35 000 rubles.

Make eyebrows vrazlet possible for 13 000 -100 000 rubles., If it is a temporal endoscopic lifting and tightening 2/3 persons.