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Rituals for hair with Kerastase

All the rituals are performed by the device K-Mist (or Micro-Mist), which is only 5 salons Ukraine, including - in the "B-Studio".It enhances the effect of drugs and facilitates their deep penetration into the hair.As a result, hair is getting the required amount of active components, and the client - a good dose of relaxation and pleasure.

Most of these devices work with the steam from the boiling water, which eventually split into smaller particles, and as a result care, dissolved in water, lose 50% efficiency.K-Mist is equipped with a computer that is using ultrasonic beams "breaks" the water molecules in the microparticles and turns in pairs subtle haze.Heat opens hair scales - and activated haze means using rituals for hair with Kerastase penetrate into the heart of them.When after the hot steam is applied cold, it closes the scales and captures the active ingredients into the hair.

And now - the most interesting - the rituals!

Through rituals for hair with Kerastase for dry hair provides

optimal nutrition and hydration throughout.It begins with shampooing shampoo Bain Satin, which softens and nourishes the hair.Intensive mask is then applied.A deep scalp massage nice sharpens the senses and promotes active penetration of nutrients.Another step - and warm mist penetrates into the core of the hair, she wraps her head a kind of "cocoon", making hair thick and yet soft, silky.

for naughty and hard hair relaxes and smoothes dry unruly hair from root to tip.This metamorphosis is due to nutritional oils and technology Anti-Frizz.Initially, the course is a shampoo Oleo Relax, for him - a mask.Moderate steam envelops the head, strengthens the moisturizing properties of the oils ... While you are enjoying your hair is perfectly smooth and flowing.

ritual for hair weakened by bleaching and chemical effects, effectively restores the hair from the inside and outside.Concentrate Vita-Ciment reinforces their structure, Vita Topseal «restoring" the surface and provides protection from the environment.A hot steam allows active ingredients to penetrate the hair.After this ritual, even the most hopeless hair becomes a luxury.

«Injection Force»

Before coloring and perming hair need training.When applied to the hair drug Injection de Force, he gets into all microcracks and fully restores them.A concentrate Vita-Ciment their heals.With this ritual, your hair is not afraid of any "aggression".

With rituals for hair with Kerastase makes hair shine, restores and softens them between coloring and highlighting.The basis of the ritual - Pixelist, microinjection shine in the "heart" of dyed hair, the product of high technology.It penetrates deep into the hair, giving them shine.It is followed by a mask, which complements the action, giving the hair softness and shine.Every girl dreams of a beautiful and healthy hair.This can only help cosmetics Kerastase.They will make your hair beautiful and shiny, and most importantly - healthy.

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