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Trendy hairstyles for long hair for 10 minutes!

to create trendy hairstyles need: comb, hairpins, invisible, gum dlyavolos, hairspray (optional), decorations (optional).

Clean, well-combed hair should be divided naprobor, parted in the middle, you can make head or on its side, as a separate privychnee.Sleduet side locks of hair on both sides, a width of 3-5 cm, they will need later in the final stage, if there isBang, the thinner strands mozhnovzyat or not take at all.Further, from the rest of the hair should be splestiobyknovennye braids of three strands, it must be done on both sides and each zakrepitkonets spit scrunchy.To give more volume hair, strands may be slightly oblique pull your fingers while holding the tip of the Spit.Zatemnuzhno right to take a scythe, and carefully put it in the form of the rim in the middle of the head, fixing it with the pins, the tips of the spit is hidden inside, fiksiruyaih invisible.The second braid ukladyvaemza first in a similar way, fix the pins to the head and hide konchikikosy inside.Between braids shoul

d be free space, they dolzhnylezhat close to each other, this will create the appearance of a wide unusual weaving.

After that, it is worth returning to the side strands, one by one we start spinning in bundles, in the direction of the face.Ispolzovaniedannogo reception is able to make hair more natural hair is not slicked back budutkazatsya.Wiring can be tight, or vice versa, boleeslabymi to give more volume and lightness hairstyle, then hide the ends of the wire harness ifiksiruem invisible.Hairstyles with braids ready sverhudlya fixing it can sprinkle with hairspray.

Such simple everyday hairstyle easily mozhnosdelat more festive, decorated it with fresh flowers, besides etopridast her more romance and tenderness.Colors are easily mounted between dvumyakosami, representing a beautiful floral wreath.Alternatively, you can vstavitneskolko flowers from side hair.It is important to remember that in order to zhivyetsvety hairstyle as long as possible with fresh, do not spray hairspray nanih.In addition, you should choose flowers that longer retain svoyusvezhest in cut form.These are flowers like chrysanthemum, carnation, cornflower, immortelle, alstroemeria, orchids, daisies.

Just hairstyle will look brighter and more festive if the original weaving braids use colored ribbon or lace.

This hairstyle is well suited to young girls, kotoryehotyat emphasize romance, youth and tenderness of his image.This pricheskaprekrasno will look in photos, making some unusual isamobytnost.Besides hair with braids able to survive all day in pervonachalnomvide, which is very important as it is not always possible to correct iliperedelat hairstyle.