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Hydrating Lipstick

When choosing a lipstick is very important to pay attention not only to the color, but also on quality, since it depends on a healthy and well-groomed appearance of the lips.One of the factors - the reputation of the manufacturer of lipstick and the store where it is sold.On the surface, there is no quality lipstick stains and droplets, it is flexible and does not break-up, has a pleasant odor, or at least, the absence of unpleasant.It is easily applied to the surface of the lips, lays down exactly, without sliding and spreading, it does not contract the lips and causes no feeling of heaviness on them, and after it is cleared - on the lips do not remain stains.

The composition of moisturizing lipstick includes such components as: base, flavoring agents, coloring mixture and additives.Basis of lipstick - a natural vegetable waxes.This, above all, oil, softening the surface of the lips and the film-forming components, giving resistance and gloss lipstick.The most common additives in lipsticks - vitamins

A and E. Vitamin E - an essential "feminine" vitamin, moisturize and nourish the tissue, having a rejuvenating effect on the entire body and the surface of the lips, in particular.Vitamin A helps to assimilate vitamin E, strengthens its effect on the body, plus - restores tissue cells.

It should be noted that the painting is only groomed lips.Dry, chapped, sheluchaschiesya lips will not save even the most expensive lipstick.The external environment constantly affects our face and lips.If you do not monitor their condition, moisturize and nourish not, they will look ugly, and even painful.Cosmetic companies that specialize in the production of lipsticks, well studied the needs of their shoppers wonderful, so today, in the stores, you can find a wide range of variety of moisturizing ointments, balms and lip glosses that contain useful and nutrients.

Secrets of buying a moisturizing lipstick

When buying a lipstick make in its entirety.The tone should be uniform, without impurities.Trust your sense of smell - the presence of foreign smell should alert you.Brittle lipstick can talk about it long term storage.Quality Lipstick plastic and does not roll on the lips.Comfort, ease - these are pleasant sensations that gives a good lipstick.

choosing a lipstick, be sure to check that has not passed its expiry date.Unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers can remove this information.The lack of these data - a wake-up call.If lipstick too long kept, it may smell unpleasant, fade or be alien whitish blotches.The maximum shelf life of lipstick - no more than three years, if stored in the refrigerator and use a brush when applying.In normal use lipstick directly on the lips, it can be stored for more than a year.If you keep your makeup in a sunny spot, then you can not use it in three months.When storing note that the cap package unopened touched lipstick.Otherwise, it will lose its shape.

Components moisturizing lipstick

The composition of lipsticks and moisturizing including, includes the following components:

  • basis;
  • composition coloring matter;
  • useful additives;
  • fragrances.

basis - a vegetable waxes of natural origin.Many manufacturers add oil and special substance that gives softness, shine lips and increases the resistance of lipstick.

dyes are responsible for the color and brightness of lipstick.

as additives often use such beauty vitamins as A, E. They maintain youthful skin and prevent aging.In addition, Vitamin E helps heal minor cracks and irritation of the skin of the lips.The structure of many lipsticks are UVF -factors that protect lips from sun exposure.

Perfume lipstick used to impart a pleasant flavor.Furthermore

main components without which the lipstick would not be such, its composition and high added another substance preservatives which prolong the shelf life of a lipstick, preventing oxidation processes.

However, modern beauty industry is not complacent, constantly replenishing arsenal of beauty.Thus, even in the manufacture of lipstick widely used additional components.It can be various oils (coconut, lanolin, cocoa, avocados, etc.), And waxes.Thanks to them lips are of particular softness and tenderness.For example, avocado oil gives elasticity and helps heal small wounds.The rejuvenating effect is the use of lipsticks with lecithin.Lanolin oil makes lips peel.Use fat-like substances and waxes helps to form a thin film on the lips, which will be protected from adverse external influences.In addition, it is plant-based waxes are responsible for the stability of lipstick.

Disadvantages moisturizing lipstick

Any makeup can cause harm to the person who uses it.The first is, of course, the outstanding products and counterfeits.However, even high-quality lipstick known brands can be dangerous.No one is immune from an allergic reaction in the form of itching and burning, or redness and flaking of the skin.

main reason causing the allergy, can become carmine, which is part of the dye of the popular shades like red and pink.Another agent - lanolin can cause nausea and even migraines.

can say that lipstick - a petroleum product, because it is composed of paraffin oils and waxes.All these are not the most useful substances eventually settle in internal organs. A paraffin waxes may well be the cause of tooth decay.

a consolation it should be added that the content of these hazardous substances in product quality is minimal.Therefore unlikely to be able to give a real beauty of lipstick.However, remember that buying a particular lipstick is better to use proven brands that do not hurt yourself.