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Pie with fish

  • butter - 100 grams (for the test)
  • sugar - 1 tbsp.spoon (for the test)
  • egg yolks - 3 pieces (for the test)
  • flour - 3 cups (for the test)
  • salt - 1/3 teaspoon (for the test)
  • milk - 250 milliliters (Opara)
  • Yeast - 25 grams (Opara)
  • sugar - 1 tbsp.Spoon (Opara)
  • flour - 1 cup (Opara)
  • fish - 350-400 grams (stuffing (cod, sole, perch, carp))
  • potatoes - 3 pieces (stuffing)
  • onion - 3 pieces (filling)
  • oil - 1/4 cup (stuffing)
  • salt - 1 Thing (stuffing)
  • pepper - 1 Thing (stuffing)

in warm milk breed yeast and sugar.Mix with a glass of flour and give it brew.Opara should rise to the maximum (up to wrinkles).Rub the butter or margarine with sugar and egg zheltkami.Smeshat brew with egg-oil mixture, flour and salt.Knead the dough (beat him for about 15 minutes).Put the dough in a warm place to wander.A couple of times Mnemonic, a third made a cake.For the filling: potatoes cut into thin slices, the fish into small pieces, onion - thin rings.Divide the dough

into a couple of pieces (set aside a piece the size of an apple to decorate the cake).Roll out one portion of the layer thickness of about 1 cm. Grease the pan with vegetable oil and put the dough.Top dough put potatoes (raw), then put the fish, salt, pepper, spread on top of the fish onion, lightly salt, pour vegetable oil.The second part of the dough roll out the layer higher than the first.Close stuffing pie dough, glue the edges of the cake and decorate the Siberian remaining strips of dough.Coat with egg and leave in a warm place for 40 minutes.Make holes in the cake to vaporize and put it in a preheated oven (170C) for at least 1 hour.

Servings: 4

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