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Sauerkraut with horseradish and anise

spicy cabbage recipe I recommend this cabbage salad lovers.It is this cabbage can be added to the cooked vegetables.Very interesting taste of cabbage takes a combination of spices and sharpness.This tasty cabbage on fasting days as a separate dish, or in combination with boiled vegetables.Of course, anise - specific spice, and, nevertheless, it is necessary to try and a combination thereof.Sauerkraut with anise - an old Russian recipe.

  • Cabbage 1200 g
  • horseradish root 30 g
  • Anis
  • 5 g Water 1000 ml
  • Salt
  • 30 g sugar 25 g
  • Step 1 To fermentcabbage, it is necessary to take high-quality white cabbage, horseradish root, anise;water, salt and sugar.
  • Step 2 horseradish root peel.Cut into pieces and grind in a blender (you can use grater).
  • Step 3 in advance to prepare the brine: 1 liter of water to boil, add 1 tablespoon salt and 1 dessert spoon of sugar.Stir.A few minutes to boil.Strain through cheesecloth brine.Cool.
  • Step 4 Head of cabbage cleaned of upper leave
    s.Cut in half.Chop cabbage.Add anise and crushed horseradish.Stir slightly flattening cabbage.
  • Step 5 Fold the cabbage with horseradish and anise in a saucepan.
  • Step 6 Pour brine cabbage and cover with a saucer.Top deliver the goods, which is sealed cabbage brine should cover it completely.Leave in a warm place for the completion of the fermentation process.The process of ferment cabbage can take 3-5 days (depending on temperature).You must try the cabbage taste.My cabbage was 5 days.The apartment is not very hot.
  • Step 7 Daily clean make foam, cabbage pierce to the bottom of a wooden stick in a few places, to release gases formed during fermentation.Otherwise - cabbage become bitter with an unpleasant odor.
  • Step 8 Ready cabbage in the refrigerator to stop the fermentation process.Serve the cabbage as a separate dish.Add to the salad as hell give him the opportunity to stay fresh longer.

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