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Cooking delicious fish marinated

But now many people love this dish for its nutritional value, spicy taste and ease of preparation.

Why fish marinated such a popular

Over the years the prevalence of food has not diminished, and we reiterate our mothers and grandmothers recipes.But now there are many more opportunities to give food an unusual taste.

Firstly, this can be achieved through the use of different fish.The traditional recipe used hake, but if you take a fat catfish fillet or even a red fish, the flavor and the taste will be very different, despite the fact that the main ingredients will not be changed.

Secondly, there is the opportunity to experiment with the ingredients of the marinade.The classic recipe in it add carrots, onion and tomato paste.But the modern housewives have started to supplement his courgettes, celeriac, peppers and fresh tomatoes.Try it, and you are sure to find an option that will suit most of your culinary preferences.

A simple recipe of marinated fish.

And, thirdly, condiments and spices.Agree, it is difficult to give the dish

a new taste, if in the public domain there is only salt, pepper and bay leaf.Now manufacturers create special mixes for fish, but you are free to create it yourself.For example, to add a little mustard or sesame seeds.Or for a more intense color and flavor add turmeric and curry.

How to cook

Here is a basic recipe, based on which you will be able to dream and to supplement his own constituents.

number of products can be taken in any amount, but try to keep the weight of the fish and vegetables were similar.

  • fresh or frozen fish
  • onion
  • carrots
  • pepper
  • tomato paste
  • handful of flour
  • vegetable oil, ground pepper and salt

How to cook fish marinated?

procedure for preparing

  1. Fishwash and clean of scales and innards.You can cut thin portions with backbone, but it is better to take it apart into fillets.
  2. Preheat frying pan with vegetable oil.Each piece collapses in flour and fry.
  3. While the fish is ready, rub the carrot, shred onion in an arbitrary way (half-rings or cubes) and cut peppers into thin strips.Simmer them in another frying pan.
  4. The vegetables add the tomato paste.It is possible to pour the salt, pepper and your favorite herbs, if you think it's too tasteless.
  5. periodically added to the marinade a little water and cook on low heat so the vegetables are roasted, namely stewed.
  6. lay in a deep pot layer of marinade, then fish and vegetables again.The number of layers will depend on the product, but the last ball must necessarily be composed of vegetables.
  7. allowed to cool at room temperature for about half an hour, and then can be put into the refrigerator.
  8. dish is served cold and usually disappears quickly from the table.But, in practice, a large portion of the fish can be marinated in the refrigerator for a long time, the main pour it clean spoon to dish not soured.
  9. On this same recipe can be free to prepare this dish in multivarka, gradually adding the ingredients.

Recipe for marinated fish.

For variety, you can make this recipe for such adjustments

  • fish before frying roll not only in the flour, and soy sauce.Especially delicious turn red fish cooked this way.
  • Instead of tomato paste or sauce can take the usual tomatoes, douse them with boiling water and simmer with the other vegetables.In a hot skillet, they gradually dissolve until smooth.
  • Use marinated other vegetables: zucchini, eggplant and celery root.