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Cut the cucumber into thin slices and garnish with salad

Decoration salad depends on the ingredients.For example, for decorating salads containing many different components motley enough fresh greens.A salad of two - three components, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, can be decorated more brightly.Traditional hard boiled eggs or canned red peppers from a can hardly be called successful decoration good salad.

Decoration salads opens rich possibilities for the imagination, searches and finds.Any salad will only benefit if its beautifully decorate.That he was "overwhelmed" ornaments, you should adhere to the following rules: the salad more colorful and richer components, the more modest it is decorated.The eye will delight is itself a combination of different vegetables.However, the salad, no different brightness ingredients possible to decorate.We give below a few ideas that are sure to appreciate your guests.


1. On the whole tomato with a sharp knife to make 12 cuts to the middle.Every second slice with a sharp knife, carefully remove.Top stick wate

rcress or parsley.

2. Cut the tomatoes in half, put on the notched side, make five incisions about the middle.Each incision to insert a thin slice of radish carved figured.

3. Cut the tomatoes into quarters, remove the pulp and notching up the middle.Few tips to disclose.

4. With a mature, solid, carefully remove the tomato skins continuous strip.Take a loose strip rolls and shape the rosebud.Garnish with parsley leaves.


1. On purified radish across the circle to make a small longitudinal incision, to sharpen the tip of a cone.With this end cut thin slices from which immediately collapsed kulechki.Put them in ice water.In the center put the corn grains or greens.

2. Cut into thin slices.Close kulechki, roll in powdered paprika.

3. Peel the radish, cut into a spiral with a special knife.


1. The large circles of carrot molds-notches cut hearts.Of the 4 of hearts make a clover leaf.

2. curly knife cut into slices and dices.

3. wavy mold-notch cut radish and fasten skewers with sliced ​​carrots and parsley smooth.

4. Cut carrots in half and a special knife for cleaning carrots planed thin strips.


1. Make cucumbers incisions around the entire circumference, cut into slices.In the middle of each circle to put the watercress.

2. Cut open circle cucumber half and expand the ends in opposite directions.

3. Put the small carved molds cucumber slices on a large circle with scalloped edges.

4. On the cucumber slices to make incisions to insert circles into each other.

5. Make deep cuts on thick slices of cucumber.Open ends and garnish with green onions.

6. Cut the cucumber into thin slices.


1. Two slice of lemon at the same distance from each other to make incisions, punch each circle about the middle, insert into each other and bend in opposite directions.

2. Cut the lemon peel with a special knife to get the length of the strip, and turn small curls.

3. Cut the lemon into four parts to make a straight cut of a quarter to slice was stable, making uniform cuts on the surface, put them in the watercress, parsley and other herbs.

4. Cut a lemon into quarters, making uniform cuts and reveal a slice, to get crescents.

5. Cut the lemon slices molds curly-notch.


1. With a sharp knife carefully to make cuts across the circle, starting from the tip.

2. Cut open the radishes into 4 pieces almost to the tops and slightly opened.

3. Make an incision at an equal distance from each other about the middle.Few reveal fan.Get a nice decoration, if incisions to insert parsley or watercress.

4. Cut the radishes in half, cut-grooved decoration molds of various shapes.

5. Radishes incision at different heights or special sharp knife to get the rosette.Roses will turn even more beautiful if you use a special knife-groove for radishes.Put the radishes for a few minutes in ice water, then open petals.


1. medium onion, cut into thick slices, separated into rings and roll in finely chopped herbs, black pepper, paprika or curry powder.This will give the salad a nice color contrast.

As you can see, nothing complicated.Sometimes enough to make dishes appetizing, cucumber cut into thin slices and garnish with salad ingredients listed above.