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The soup, the tastiest recipe

Soups on bone and meat broth.
most delicious soup recipe each family - their own, but the secrets of cooking the soup - the same.Bone and meat broth need to quickly bring to a boil, then eat meat or bone boil over high heat.When the broth boils, Bates fire and boil the broth without cover.Water should not be a rolling boil.

meat and bone broth cook the recipes in this calculation of water: one serving is poured into the pan 3 cups of cold water (about evaporates during cooking cup water).Remember that adding water to the soup while cooking is impossible, as the taste of the finished soup from it markedly deteriorates.

soup is best to boil in an enamel saucepan, it is better preserved vitamins and minerals products.

If you need to speed up the process of cooking beef, before lowering the meat in an ode, lubricate it with mustard, soak a few minutes, and then rinse it well.The process of cooking meat also can be accelerated by using the following method: cut pieces of meat across the grain long, thin s

trips of meat or make the meatballs, which are also cooked quickly.

well cooked, rich broth - a pledge of future good taste of soup, stated in each recipe.

If you simmer the broth for Ovine meat before cooking it should be parboiled.In broth of lamb particularly delicious rice obtained or vegetable soups.

If you want to get more saturated fat broth, then immerse the meat in cold water.If you want the meat itself has turned more bold, soft and tender, then immerse it in the boiling water.

Prepared soups are often seasoned raw egg, but do it so that egg protein is not folded.This is done as follows: Remove from heat soup poured a thin stream of pre-beaten egg, stirring constantly soup.If you want to soup broth was transparent without turbidity, then rinse thoroughly with egg shells, lower it a few minutes in boiling soup, then remove with a slotted spoon.

Other soups.

prepare homemade soups fish broth is clarified as whipped egg whites at the end of cooking the soup.

hash to get even tastier, some green onion mash with boiled egg yolk and salt until the juice, add this mixture to the hodgepodge.

pearl barley soup seasoned boiled barley in advance that it has not acquired a bluish tint.

If you add to the soup and bay leaves, then after the end of cooking, it is removed from the soup to the soup adopted lavrushki bitterness.

foam formed during the boiling soup, are removed.Once the soup comes to a boil, reduce the fire.

If you accidentally overdo soup, omit it in the bag rice and boil the rice absorbs the excess salt.Also, excess salt can absorb yourself with a pinch of sugar added to the salty soup.Speaking of salt, salted fish broth is stronger than the meat.Soup salt when it is almost cooked.

Ready soup seasoned at the end of cooking beet juice to give it a rich color.

to the broth on the bones turned out delicious and aromatic, before lowering the bones in an ode, fry them in vegetable oil in a frying pan or Brown the oven.

broth to get a tasty poultry, poultry must be lowered when cooking only in cold water.Bouillon on poultry - an excellent base for pea soup, as well as it can fill with noodles or vegetables.

Sometimes you need to save the finished broth to cook the soup on it Durga day.Ready soup is best preserved if you strain it and flow into a clean glass jar or enameled container.

to the next day to maintain a clear broth, heat it over low heat with the lid and remove it from the heat as soon as it starts to boil.If you

refuel barley soup, then it must first wash in cold and then hot water.Rice and wheat can be soaked for a few hours before cooking the soup, so they cooked quicker.Groats lay in the soup along with fried onions and carrots.Five minutes later the soup lay potatoes.

Pasta lay in the soup together with the potatoes.The noodle soup you can put more carrots so he turned bright color and sweet taste.

to the soup, seasoned pasta or rice, resulting in a clear, you must first drop the pasta or rice in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, then drain the water and put the pasta or rice to the soup and cook until done.

soup vegetables cut into small cubes.Exception - potatoes, it can be cut into large.For rassolnik borsch vegetables and cut into strips.

To preserve the nutritional value of vegetables in soup home, should lay them to cook in boiling water and cook over moderate heat.

Soups with vegetables eaten immediately after preparation, they should not be stored for a long time as the vitamins contained in the vegetables cooked quickly evaporate.

Soups with vegetables seasoned with fresh herbs: celery, dill, parsley.

vinegar and sugar added to the soup, slow down the process of cooking vegetables.

Ready soup keep the lid on the stove is turned off for 15 minutes, so he insisted.