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Recipes of Russian cuisine

Guryev porridge.

This porridge owes its name to the Minister of Finance of the Russian Empire D. Guryev.Guriev porridge - a unique, little-known Russian and refined dessert.The Minister of Finance has put Guryev contributed not only to the state of Russia's activities, but also in cooking, becoming the inventor of sweet dishes.

recipe of this unusual complex of porridge, but the taste of this dish make come to surprise your guests, if you treat them with such a porridge.

To begin to boil 0.7L milk, to which should be added to 50 g of sugar and a pinch of salt.Pour in boiling milk 200g semolina in a thin stream, stirring constantly to avoid lumps appeared.Porridge should stir constantly.When the semolina begins to thicken, you should turn down the heat to low and cook for another 10 minutes it after you turn off the heat in the porridge should add 40g butter, 4 egg whites, previously beaten with sugar and 60g chopped walnuts.You can also put a pinch of vanilla for more flavor.The mixture was stirred a

nd put in three bowls or flat plates.The surface of the cereal should be leveled, sprinkle with sugar and put in 10 minutes in the oven.

baked porridge should lay out to cool.While porridge cools cream may be prepared.To prepare the cream will need a shallow dish.It poured into her milk and put on medium heat.In the milk foam is formed, which must be removed.So doing so long until a sufficient number of foams to cover the layers of the baked cereal.Layers of cereal with foams stacked.The top layer should decorate canned fruit or berries, nuts, chocolate can be poured porridge or fruit syrup.Feature Guriev porridge - it is eaten with cold milk.


This recipe came into the modern world of the Russian selyanok, therefore, the original name of the true Russian dishes - peasant woman, the word "village".Russian cuisine is peasant woman has no hands-world fame, but its popularity is very wide.

need to prepare soups boiled or roasted meat (game, the kidney, poultry, ham or sausage).It should be finely chopped pickles, fried with oil or grease a large bulb.Generally, solyanka - it is a dish in which you can put all that is in the refrigerator.The more ingredients in it, the more delicious and satisfying to halophyte.

meat, cucumbers, onions and other products to be stir, add cream or sour cream, boiled with the addition of 200 g of tomato sauce.

Then you need to put the pan braised cabbage in advance, and on top of it put the meat with vegetables.And stacked above in equal proportions.The surface should be leveled and sprinkle with breadcrumbs and drizzle with melted butter that was formed on the surface of golden brown.

Soljanku served on a table decorated with lemon slices, cranberries, chopped greens.It is also possible to prepare not soljanku with meat products, and fungi.

Russian soup.

Preparation ing anciently equated to a unique culinary art.Few people can cook real Russian soup.In the past, the quality of workmanship was determined ing hostess and prosperity in the house.Soup without meat indicated the family's poverty.A soup with meat, fat and hearty, even on weekdays talked about a strong economy.

main ingredient of soup, in addition to meat - cabbage, fresh or pickled.The soup is added to taste sorrel, nettles, spinach, hard-boiled eggs.Meatless soup can be prepared in water or mushroom and fish broth.But the most delicious soup in meat broth obtained.Another important ingredient is boiling - carrots.Also, you will need to fried onion, parsley root.

the boiling broth, first laid cabbage, brought to a boil, and then be put in the soup roots and cook 40 minutes.Then, add the chopped tomatoes and potatoes, fried onion and carrot.5 minutes before end of cooking soup, should fill them with pepper, salt, bay leaf.

before serving the soup should be sour cream and finely chopped green onions and herbs.


Recipe gribovnitsy since ancient times was part of the main dishes of Russian cuisine.Gribovnitsa - a self starter.Otherwise, it is called mushroom soup.

Mushroom soup is prepared as follows: Enumerated and washed wild mushrooms (fresh or dried), pour water and leave for several hours (overnight).Mushrooms should be boiled in the same water in which they were soaked.Cook the mushrooms should be long until they are tender.When the mushrooms are ready, strain the broth should be, and mushrooms with water.

Soup mushroom broth should be prepared as follows: 100g carrots, parsley root, 2 onions finely chop and fry.Slice the potatoes 800g.In the boiling broth to put roasted vegetables and potatoes, cook for 15 minutes.As the cooking, add the chopped and ready Scarlet slices mushrooms.At the end of cooking salt.You can add noodles or vermicelli gribovnitsu.

summer you can cook delicious gribovnitsu white mushrooms with zucchini.The method of its preparation is the same as described above but the fungal broth replaced with meat.Courgettes are placed in gribovnitsu with potatoes, and at the end of cooking, you can crumble in gribovnitsu 2 ripe tomatoes.

on the table of mushroom soup is served, seasoned sour cream and chopped herbs.