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Preparations for the winter canning cabbage

Harvesting of the winter sauerkraut.

for pickling better to take late varieties of cabbage, cabbage large size - less waste.Kvass it in solid barrels and tubs of wood, glass or enameled pots and tubs, clay pots.Healthy, mature cabbages purified from upper leaves, washed, cut into pieces, stalk removed and chopped or cut and mixed with salt in a proportion of 200-250g salt per 10 kg of cabbage.

At the bottom poured a layer of clean utensils flour, preferably rye, put cabbage leaves, and on them in layers in a tightly placed 5-7cm, tamping, finely chopped cabbage.When the dishes will be completely filled, put the cabbage on top of a hill, and then the harbor hill cabbage leaves, thick cloth and a wooden plank on which the goods are placed - clean washed stone or brick weight approximately one-tenth the weight of fermented cabbage.Under the influence of gravity, cabbage should gradually settle down, covered with brine.If no brine load to be added.

On the second or third day on the surface of the body ap

pear foamy discharge.They are getting bigger, then the foam disappears.This is a sign that the cabbage is ready.To remove the gases formed an extremely unpleasant odor and bitter taste, just need some cabbage pierce to the bottom of a wooden stake or vitsey, and in small vessels - a wooden or plastic knitting needle.If the mold is formed, it should be gently remove it, cloth, wood plank and cargo rinse with boiling water and place it again.A very important fact - the brine should always cover the cabbage and stand on top of the cabbage.If necessary, add 2 -% - ing saline solution.

to enhance the flavor and aroma during fermentation to the cabbage can be added whole or chopped carrots, apples (preferably green), lingonberries, cranberries or cumin.At 10 kg of cabbage carrot 300-500g take up to 800g of apples, cranberries and 150-200g of cranberries, cumin 30-50g.

Cabbage 2 weeks should be kept at room temperature (18-20 degrees), then it should be put in a cool (no more than 8 degrees) room.

preparations for the winter salted cabbage.

Fermentation can be greatly accelerated if the pre-shredded cabbage dipped in boiling water, then discard in a sieve, pour cold water, and then lay in the prepared dish.This preserved salted cabbage ready in 5-6 days.Accelerate sauerkraut cabbage can be when placed in a warm (25-30 °) room.At this temperature air fermentation takes place for a week.However, it should be noted that the taste of the product, and most importantly - the duration of storage it dramatically deteriorate.

use other method of preserving cabbage, which allows you to store it in the absence of a cool room.From the need to drain the brine barrel, pour it into glass jars - glass of 1 liter capacity for the dishes.By filling a jar of sauerkraut to the top, it should cover and sterilized in boiling water slightly: a half-liter jars - 15 minutes, liter - 20 minutes, three-liter - 30 minutes.Then the banks roll covers and turn the lid down and cooled.

preparations for the winter cabbage, shredded apples.

Apples are thoroughly washed, remove core, cut into slices (up to 4-5cm in diameter) you can put apples in general form.For every 10kg of fresh shredded cabbage mixed with carrots and salt, add 600-700g apples.

Harvesting cabbage whole cabbages.

sometimes kvass Cabbage heads of cabbage in one piece.The large (diameter greater than 18 zosm) is cut into two or four parts.When laying cabbage in a bowl, alternate with rows of heads chopped cabbage and firmly tamped.The salts should be added at the same rate of 250-300g per 10kg cabbage.

Cabbage (Kocani), and can be chopped and without booze.In this case, pre-prepared cabbages firmly placed in the barrel, the bottom of which previously stacked washed cabbage leaves.On top of heads again placed a layer of cabbage leaves, then placed the goods on the wooden plank and pour brine (800-900g of salt in 10 liters of water) so that it covered the upper leaves of the cabbage.

People say that it turns out that a particularly delicious cabbage, which leavened the new moon.

preparations for the winter pickled cabbage.

in pickled form can cook different vegetables, including, of course, and cabbage.First of all, take care of the marinade.Per kilogram of cabbage have to take a glass of vinegar, water 3st, 1st Class of sugar, a little pepper, 3 bay leaves.The mixture was boiled and cooled.The marinade is especially delicious if prepared it on the grape or apple cider vinegar.The taste of the cabbage can add spices: pepper, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, coriander, Lavrushka.Cabbage should be finely chop, rub lightly with salt, squeeze, shift into a jar and pour the marinade.Bank cover with tissue paper and place it in a cool place.Cabbage will be ready in a week.

preparations for the winter cabbage "Provence".

pickled cabbages cut into small pieces, the length of 3-4cm.You can also use shredded or chopped cabbage with the addition of various spices.

For example, for the preparation of dressings for 3kg cabbage add 400g sugar, 300g of vegetable oil, 5 g mustard powder, cranberry 250g, 250g apples.Instead, the marinade can be prepared vinegar essence or citric acid.

Seasoning thoroughly mixed with cabbage in an enamel bowl, mix firmly laid and pour brine.

cabbage "mayonnaise" is not stored for a long time (no more than 3 days).

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