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High pressure.

hypertension - a disease in which there is a steady increase in blood pressure.The fact that a small povyshenieproiskhodit frequently.During the exercise, when a sharp change polozheniyatela, changing climate zones, during strong emotions.Imennopostoyannoe high blood pressure is very dangerous and fraught with stroke, heart attack, as the vessels of the brain and the heart are under more stress.

arterialnoedavlenie optimal for a healthy person 120 na80.In most cases it is repelled from it, determining the pressure povysilosu human or vice versa.But the fact is that all we are razlichnyyobraz life, have a different body type and condition of the body.For some indicators uzhetakie will bring inconvenience and cause malaise.

measured pressure

It is desirable that the house was ukazhdogo tonometer.Blood pressure monitors and electronic byvayutmehanicheskimi.Mechanical often used by doctors vpoliklinikah.Electronic sphygmomanometers are divided into semi-automatic and automatic, and whichever kak

proiskhodit pumping air into the cuff.

most common - blood pressure monitors, which measure the pressure in the forearm, but there are also those that dress the wrist.

To know vashepovyshennoe pressure, be sure to check the device after purchase svoipokazateli at rest.From them you budeteottalkivatsya and defining the level of performance in times of poor health.

cause hypertension

Hypertension may occur makes it possible to wear the vessels, increasing the burden on them.Bad habits, overweight, postoyannyestressy only aggravate the situation.

constantly povyshennoearterialnoe pressure may occur if you do not do their zdorovemsvoevremenno.Sometimes people proiskhodyatskachki pressure and condition deteriorates very rapidly.Often such voznikaetposle dramatically increase the load.A sign of late toxicosis beremennyhchasto have a high blood pressure.And it is very dangerous for both mother and dlyamalenkogo man inside.Imennopoetomu each admission to the women's clinic measure pressure and monitor Catching even during childbirth.

High pressure mozheteperedavatsya inherited.Once you vkurse that you can relate to disease of the cardiovascular system, it is necessary to control the pressure and nezatyagivat since adolescence, and better and earlier.

saharnogodiabeta One sign is high blood pressure.Here, perhaps, only stoitpolagatsya medical advice.

High pressure prichinyaetmassu inconvenience.Severe headache can cause vomiting or golovokruzhenie.Vazhno not to bring the body to the point where tachycardia makes serdtsevyprygivat chest.Ideally, you should visit a cardiologist who propishetvam medications that you can take with increasing pressure.Moreover, note that the recommendations vary depending on how silnopovysilis indicators.Some medicines you take at the time of a crisis, if it does happen, and there are pills that take techeniedlitelnogo time.

If cloudy weather or heavy zaoknom time already being felt, the head nachinaetraskalyvatsya, begin to take action.

Brew yourself herbal chaykomnatnoy temperature, with a slice of lemon.

Drink apple juice.Gipertonikamchasto helped sour berries such as cranberries, for example.Massage your temples, you can prilozhitvatku soaked in vinegar.To many it really helps.Fan the hair, if they are pulled into a bun, try to relax, close your eyes.

helps to prevent increased pressure

There neskolkoneblagopriyatnyh factors because of which there is high blood pressure, but many of nihmy themselves can avoid.

Overweight means podsobit excess fat tissue, and therefore high cholesterol iprilichnuyu load on the heart sosudistuyusistemu.Eat less fatty foods, give up coffee or ostavtetolko morning cup of courage, of course without a cigarette in the bargain.It is advisable to stick to a special diet, but in general, the essence of it in the rejection of junk food.

Try otsoli abandon or at least reduce your intake to its daily requirement.Salt holds water and thus provotsiruetpoyavlenie edema, which in turn further loaded vessels.

naves Smoking adversely affects the whole body, so it is not surprising, and it is no secret chtososudy nicotine certainly does not strengthen.How much has been said and written about vredekureniya, but we will not fall behind.If you do not want to live my life nalekarstvah and headaches in telestarika quit smoking.

Alcohol bolshihkolichestvah adversely affect the condition of internal organs and, of course, on vessels including.The lower the alcohol gets into your body, the better.

Avoid stress vamsvryad to succeed, but the ability to control myself and not get hysterical popovodu without generally keep you healthy and improve the quality of life.

Begin to play sports, because sedentary anyone yet not profit.Swimming is probably the most harmless, but useful and suitable almost all kind of sporta.Zapishites section on yoga ilipilatesu.If you do not find the time to attend a fitness club, svideotrenerom study at home or on the books.You netolko strengthen blood vessels, but also to diversify his life, improve the body relax.

Appreciate own son.Konechno in a mad rhythm of today's life, few people can afford pozvolit8-hour night's sleep, but the 6 hours, you just have to get some sleep.And then utrobudet pleasant mood and a wonderful time to begin priyatnogoprobuzhdeniya that will set a positive tone.

Unfortunately, the fight spovyshennym pressure often comes with the help of medication.But you have vseshansy minimize their use and help the body defeat the nuisance.

Healthy lifestyle - luchshiynash assistant in many cases.Take care of your own body, heart and blood vessels.