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Rose as a medicine and its healing properties

rose smells so nice because geraniol, neroli ifeniletilenovogo alcohol.The petals contain tannins islizistye resinous substances, glycosides, vitamins C, B, PP, K, sucrose, glucose ipantotenovaya acid.Furthermore petals rich in ascorbic acid.

Rose petals have a tonic, sedative ivitaminnym properties.And they have antihelminthic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing effect.

infusion.To cook it you need 3 tablespoons of petals zalitdvumya cups of boiling water.Insist in a sealed container for about 12 hours.Prinimatza half an hour before meals for 150-100 ml 3 times a day.

ointment, which will help in the treatment of leg ulcers, boils, burns and treatment of pressure ulcers.To eeprigotovit need to mix 100 g unsalted butter and 1 g suhihlepestkov roses.

The Bulgarian rose oil is prescribed for bronchial asthma vvide injection.

Rose water is used to treat angina, stomatitis ikonyunktivita.To prepare you need 2lozhki small leaves roses pour boiling water (1 tbsp.) And press 1 hour.

white rose petals are very useful as a jam for lecheniyahronicheskih constipation.It is very mild and perfectly helps osobennopozhilym people.

addition petals as an infusion or as a jam in narodeprimenyayut anthelmintic.

infusions, pulp and juice of white roses have zazhivlyayuscheedeystvie with festering wounds, bedsores, and radiodermitah radionekrozah.

Red Rose has an astringent and strengthens the action.Eelepestki used with diarrhea as the infusion, as well as zabolevaniyahzheludochno tract.

Red petals are very useful in diseases of the oral cavity, it is necessary to rinse your mouth with rose water or infusions.

Rose oil has an antiseptic effect iprotivovospalitelnym.Besides its use in treating yazvennoybolezni duodenum and stomach.It should be in the morning on an empty stomach one hour dozavtraka and evening 2 hours after dinner drink half tablespoons of rose oil.

If you are concerned about asthma or drugayaallergicheskaya disease is taken one hour before meals three times a day for half lozhkirozovogo oil.It will weaken the allergic reaction and improve your condition.

to improve in allergic rhinitis nasal passages nuzhnosmazyvat s times a day and take half a spoon of oil 2 times a day.

Rose oil, which is packaged in capsules otlichnoprimenyayut in diseases of the biliary tract and liver.Buy this preparatmozhno pharmacy.

When biliary dyskinesia and aggravation hronicheskogoholetsistita need to drink rose oil or rose water.

to cure constipation, mix a spoonful of buckthorn bark, istolko as powdered white rose.Take 3 grams of a mixture peredsnom.If you can not accept, so you can spoon the mixture is poured a glass of boiled water, and drink once a day.

decoction of the roots of a dog rose (rose hips) excellent tool dlyavyvedeniya and dissolution of stones.People who herbs, argue that such a broth turns into grains of sand stones and displays izorganizma.

Finely chop 15 g of roots, pour 200 ml of water and boil navodyanoy bath for 15 minutes.Insist odinchas, strain and drink 1 glass three times a day, you can drink all the time vmestovody.

for chronic and acute diseases of the bronchi and legkihprimenyayut rose water and rose oil inhalation.

vinegar rose to caress the throat with tonsillitis and make him anginah.Chtoby need to press 100 g of rose petals in 1 liter of vinegar naprotjazhenii 8 days.Gargle need a teaspoon of vinegar diluted vstakane water.

Some experts say that if the pound rose iprikladyvat to the wart, it will soon onaischeznet.And if you boil petals and pressing, applying them to the dressing slekarstvennoy tumor that arose from the vospalitelnyhzabolevany, they go away.It also helps with faces.

Some healers say sposobenvytyagivat powder rose thorns and arrowheads.

Boiled water and fresh pink rose soothe golovnuyubol.If you smell the rose oil, it will cause sneezing.

To remove ear pain and help strengthen gums broth izsemyan roses with boiled wine.

Roses can soothe the pain in the eye of the heat, and a decoction of dried roses very useful priutolschenii age, they need to lubricate the eyelids.Squeezed juice of rose oil and rose petals belyhkontsov help with the inflammation of the eye.

To prevent fainting need to drink small glotkamivodu of roses, and squeezed from the stems of roses juice helps in Harkany blood.

Roses are very useful for stomach and liver.Dzhulandzhubin -medovoe jam of roses well ukreplyaetzheludok and tidies digestion.If concerned about pain in the anus uterus, then they should be lubricated with rose oil with a pen.It can also help a decoction of dried roses.Priyazvah do an enema in the bowels of otvararoz, rose very good help for pain in the rectum.

If you sleep on a bed of roses, it will calm the lust.

benefits of honey of roses

Pink Honey is truly a very healing.He okazyvaetprotivovospalitelnoe, tonic and restorative remedy for inflammatory diseases lecheniihronicheskih legkih.Chtoby it is necessary to prepare 100 ml of boiling water pour 80g ipostavit rose petals on a slow fire for 15 minut.Otstavit and let stand for one day.Now what you have vaspoluchilos to add to the usual 100 g of honey, stir and boil, until smooth.Take a spoon of honey three times a day.He did not tolkopolezny, but also very tasty.

Healing honey with rose petals.You will need litrvody, 125 g of rose petals or rose hips, and 750 g of honey.

petals pour boiling water, leave for 12 chasov.Protsedit, add honey and cook until smooth.Such honey nuzhnoprinimat in diseases of the upper respiratory tract, lung diseases, and fevers vsehdlitelnyh diseases.Drink spoon 3 times a day.

Rose oil in cosmetics and rozyprimenyayutsya

infusion of roses can freeze ice cubes chtobyprotirat face 2-3 times a day.And it is pleasant and beneficial for the skin.If vassuhaya skin, can be diluted with milk and rose water and wipe vecheromlitso.

to make the skin smooth and soft hands needed prigotovitloson.Take equal parts of glycerin, lemon juice, tincture of lepestkovroz and rose water.Grease hands etimlosonom 2 times a day.And so the skin does not become dry and smooth ishelkovistoy was added while bathing in a bath of rose and almond oil.

To soften lips are cracked and weather-beaten, make the cream.Take a single rose petals and a spoonful of lard.Horoshenkorazmeshayte and lubricate the mouth 3 times a day.