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Zhzhёny sugar cough

One of the most unpleasant and the most common symptoms of colds is different cough.If he is able to cause considerable harm to an adult, then what to speak about children.In addition, any parent knows that to get rid of the cough does not always work, even with the use of special medicines and syrups.In this case, you must rely on traditional medicine and the use of one of the most effective means - zhzhёny sugar.

Character cough
Of course, before using it, consult a qualified physician.After all, the cough may have a different origin, be both wet and dry.Cough indicates a protective reaction of the organism, which is due to the origin of the lungs and bronchi of various inflammatory processes.Together with cough sputum stands, which are derived pathogens.But a dry cough is much more dangerous, and often accompanies or indicates the presence of serious chronic diseases such as laryngitis and tracheitis.In the treatment of dry cough should seek to ensure that transform it in the wet.

Transform dry cough in the wet burnt sugar caramel
able to help in exactly this position.It should be noted that this method is considered to be more "grandmother" a recipe.It is perfect to almost any child, because apart from health benefit it is still a very pleasant taste, which is not typical for most drugs.He is able to help as soon as possible.

Zhzhёny sugar is very simple to prepare, be able to cope with it all.Sugar is necessary to pour in a tablespoon, then warm up in the fire.Once it is completely melted, it should be poured into a cup of milk.The result will come out great sweet candy with milk flavor.Taking such medication may be two or three times a day.

However, this is not the only recipe for the preparation of tasty and healthy medicine.Instead, you can use a tablespoon of pan: put it on the fire and pour a few spoonfuls of sugar.Gently stir until the sugar reaches a dark brown color.Then remove the pan from the heat and pour a cup of boiling water into it.The whole mixture is mixed thoroughly and cool.To this mixture can be added and lemon juice.

A lot of people have checked on his experience the healing properties of burnt sugar.Typically, cough extends less than three days of use.

caution in the treatment of sugar
It is an excellent solution, however, always need to comply with the measure and remember common sense.Before the start of treatment or when the first symptoms of the disease, should still consult a qualified expert, as most chronic diseases in children develop because parents self.

Finally it is worth recalling that in the treatment of colds in children need to try to use the medicines only from natural ingredients.They are much safer and more effective than most of the other proposed drugs.Of course, today the pharmacy is able to provide a huge selection of medicines, but it is better to give preference to traditional medicine.

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