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How to get rid of the beer belly?

Factors emergence of "beer belly»
a mistake to believe that the volume of the stomach is measured by volume of beer drunk for a certain period of time.The reason that men, exactly like in women, there is a big belly is not only alcohol, but also the maintenance of poor lifestyle choices.Overeating is a member of the diet of fried and salty foods, "sedentary" work, still a way of life - all this affects the physical condition of the person and, consequently, on the form of his body.

But the most important thing is that this "education" does not appear in one day or even a month, increasing gradually.This fact becomes noticeable only when friends and acquaintances are increasingly beginning to stare at the three-dimensional shape of the abdomen.However, many people with "beer belly", begin to feel uncomfortable, rarely appearing in public places, and it's all clearly reflected in their later life.Fortunately, there are techniques that will help each person to erase this problem from your life.

What is the risk of holders of "beer belly"?
unwanted "build-up" in many people accompanied by diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, increased risk of stroke, heart attack, etc.For women, in addition to problems with tainted figure masculinization occurs.Men are more likely to suffer from impotence, thus there are problems in his personal life.

Three ways to get rid of "beer belly»

1. increased control over food m is the essential foundation for maintaining a healthy state.This does not mean you have to starve yourself, but "human norm" must be observed.Also during the day should drink more liquid, in which case any suitable mineral water without gas.Everything else, products such as lemons and oranges aid digestion.

should be excluded from the diet pastry, food, noodles, chips, salted and roasted.Number drink coffee and alcohol should also go to "no."

2. Movement - that's life

Moving lifestyle - is the foundation of the struggle against "beer bellies".Better to use any free time for walking in the park, a hike with friends to the rink, gym.Also, beginning in the morning will invigorating morning run.

3. Exercise

What exercises will help restore the old form of the abdomen?In this case, suitable squats with dumbbells in hand, abdominal exercises, running high knee lifting, side bends.These exercises help restore muscle tone.To all this exercise is to include a special gymnastics: strong stomach to draw breath and relax as you exhale (repeat 10 times).The systematic implementation of this type of exercises helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles, and improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Can I remove the beer belly and regain a beautiful appearance - the question is not for lazy people.With great desire and certain of systematic action can regain his slender figure.