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What you need to know about the braces?

What is the correct bite?

correct prikusneobhodim not only for the aesthetic appearance of the smile, it also affects the mnogiedrugie functions.For example, in the speech clarity of its sound vozmozhnostvygovarivat sounds and so on.Another bite affect chewing function - nakachestvo chewing.On this depends the work of our digestive tract.If you have a malocclusion, the teeth will chastostradat from orthopedic diseases, tooth decay, and more.For ispravleniyaprikusa use braces.They can be installed at any age.

The principle of braces

ochenprost How it works: the arc creates pressure on braces and braces themselves put pressure on the tooth row.Vrezultate of teeth begin to move in a certain place and in vremyafiksiruyutsya there.

Types of braces

Segodnyabreket systems meet different species.They are divided according otraspolozheniya oral and depending on the design (materialaizgotovleniya).

Types of braces pomaterialu manufacturing:

  • Metallicheskiebrekety - the first appearance
    of braces, which today is samymispolzuemym.Their advantage is that they are cheap due to its prostoykonstruktsii.Braces are made of metal, not so fastidious in the care as brackets of ceramic or sapphire.Most often they are made of steel, titanium or even gold.Considered the strongest titanium.
  • Keramicheskiebrekety well suited for people who are engaged in business, and make kotoryehotyat wearing braces imperceptibly.Keramicheskiebrekety almost transparent, therefore merge with the color of your teeth.They do not imeyutmetallicheskogo taste.However, their price is slightly higher than metal.
  • Sapfirovyebreket system even less visible than ceramic.After all, pure sapphire, from whence they are made completely transparent.Their main preimuschestvomyavlyaetsya that they are safe and do not cause allergies, as well as on nevliyayut diction.The price of such brackets on average a couple thousand more expensive than ceramic.
  • Plastikovyebrekety not too practical.Despite its low price, they are very redkoprimenyayutsya in practice for many reasons.Firstly, they are too hrupkie.Vo Secondly, they are stained by food, coffee, tea, tobacco and other drinks.Third, they were quickly erased.Of the benefits, perhaps, we can note only that wherewith they are almost invisible on the teeth and can be dyed in the desired color.Mnogimpodrostkam and children like colored braces.

Sometimes praktikeprimenyayut combined species, such as metal-ceramic.In such sluchayahna front of the teeth, which is visible to others, set ceramics, adlya back teeth using metal.

Types of braces in your mind in the mouth:

  • Vsevysheperechislennye types of braces for construction vestibulyarnymi.Oni are attached to the outside of the tooth row and serve for ispravleniyaprikusa or dentition.Vestibular braces rasprostranennyeblagodarya most affordable price.These braces are attached to the teeth with pomoschyusverhprochnogo adhesive that will not get germs on your teeth.However, despite this, the owners of these braces need to very carefully monitor zasvoey mouth.
  • Lingvialnyebrekety - the exact opposite of the vestibular.They are attached to vnutrenneystorony dentition.Their main advantage is the complete invisibility dlyaokruzhayuschih.But they greatly affect the diction, and so the brackets slozhnoprivyknut.To make a bracket system, it is not necessary to do individualnyeslepki.However, their price is very high.

How to prepare yourself to wearing braces.Can I ihnosit pregnant?

First chemustanovit bracket system, you must pass a series of compulsory procedures.Vsenachinaetsya with what you are doing panoramic shot across the jaw.It pozvolitdoktoru study in detail the location of the teeth and to plan their dalneysheevyravnivanie.Each patient needs an individual approach, since all raznyeproblemy.After snapshot doctor reveals pathology.If they are, then ihobyazatelno fully cure (caries, paradantoz, tartar, holes in the teeth, and so on).Inogdaprihoditsya remove some teeth (even healthy).If you have zubymudrosti, they definitely removed.This is to ensure that the dalneyshemoni not moved dentition and teeth into place.Often before kakizgotovit individual bracket system, the dentist holds ftorirovaniezubov.

Braces mozhnoustanavlivat at any age almost everybody without any restrictions.But there nekotoryeprotivopokazaniya to install: pregnancy (1, 2, and 9 months), neuro-psihicheskiezabolevaniya, blood diseases, malignant tumors, tuberculosis, HIV, AIDS iprochie disease.

Wearing braces and care

Immediately after you install the bracket system, the doctor will tell you in detail and show kakiesredstva care must be used (special irastvory conditioners, toothbrushes for braces, wax, etc.).If you do something with pervogoraza is unclear, do not hesitate to ask again.This is important - from pravilnogouhoda will depend on the health of your teeth.

Immediately prigotovitesk that after installing the brackets you have to change your diet (especially in the first month).You can not eat solid (apples, meat, nuts), cold and hot food.Also it is better to abandon the viscous food (gum, toffee).If vyustanovili ceramic or sapphire brackets, it is not recommended pitkrasyaschie beverages (coffee, tea, juice).After each meal neobhodimotschatelno teeth cleaned and rinsed.

the first neskolkonedel mouth will feel discomfort and the presence of a foreign body.Retire to feel the pressure of braces, and even pain.But it soon passes, and modern, you will not even pay attention to it.When teeth become peremeschatsyana another location, they will be a little loose.Do not worry, this is normal.If uvas will arise any problems while wearing braces, just zheobraschaytes to the dentist.Simply fix the problem immediately, rather than treat it as vzapuschennom.

And after braces?

Immediately poslesnyatiya bracket system you install retainer.Retainers - a thin wire, which is attached to the inner side of the teeth and protects them from obratnogoiskrivleniya.It is worn for several years (two to six).It is imperceptible on the teeth and does not cause any discomfort.

For nekotoryhnoshenie braces - the whole ordeal.But it's worth it.As a result, vypoluchite perfect Hollywood smile, the dream of many.