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What you need to know about obesity?


Before you put a diagnosis "obesity", you must pospetsialnoy formula to calculate your ideal weight.The formula is very simple: you must take otrosta 100. That is, if your height is 170 centimeters, tovash ideal weight should be 70 kilogramm.Suschestvuyut and special tables that define normal weight tela.Pri This takes into account not only growth, but also age, andand body type.

As we have already said, obesity may be a first, second, third and fourth stage rarely.The first degree is diagnosed when upatsienta above normal body weight by 10-30%, the second - 30-40%, the third - 50-99% ichetvertaya - 100% or more.

However, it should be borne in mind that such a criterion is not sufficient mozhetschitatsya and objective.To diagnose obesity neobhodimodopolnitelno to measure body fat by a special device called a clipper.After all, there are also cases when the weight prevyshaetnormu, but the person is not considered obese.This applies not only kprostym people, but also to bodybuilders as w

ell as athletes who myshechnayamassa body is higher than average.

degree of obesity can also be classified according to indeksumassy body.For this weight is divided by the square of height vmetrah.There are three stages of obesity.The first stage - 30-35 units.BMI The second one is 35-40 units.and the third - more than 40 units.BMI.

causes of obesity

World Health Organization tried vyyasnitprichiny obesity, and eventually came to the conclusion that people suffer from this problemoyvovse not because of genetic predisposition or viruses.Stremitelnoeuvelichenie weight is associated with negative changes in lifestyle.In mnogihstranah people get fat just because of improper diet and sedentary obrazazhizni.If a person with a meal to eat more calories than egotelo spending during the day, they will be converted into fat otlozheniya.Situatsiya only exacerbated by the fact that people are sedentary and neimeyut systematic exercise.In such circumstances, the excess energiiidut not to restore muscle mass, like the athletes, as laid vzhir.

But there are other causes of obesity.This disease mozhetrazvitsya due to violation of the thyroid gland - hypothyroidism.Eslischitovidnaya iron will produce insufficient amounts of the hormone, the obmensuschestvenno slow.And even if a person eats less food, then anyway it will rapidly recover.If you recently vremyastali notice that your weight is rapidly increasing, necessarily posetitevracha endocrinologist to rule out thyroid problems.Doctor dastvam direction on analyzes on hormones.

There are other options endocrine obesity.For example, prinarushenii prolactin and insulin metabolism.The most common risk podvergayutsyazhenschiny who have menopause.This is due to the reception gormonalnyhpreparatov.But for now, the link between oral hormonal kontratseptivamii obesity has not been proved.

Not only are obese women, but also men.Chaschevsego "hormonal" obesity occurs in men due to lower gormonatestosterona.The reasons for this variety.Sometimes it anabolicheskihsteroidov admission or other drugs that are designed to increase myshechnoymassy.Physicians believe that obesity may be associated with nasledstvennostyu.Kak appeared in the genome of a gene responsible for predisposition kozhireniyu if there are other equal conditions.Such a gene is identified, but the extent egovliyaniya under normal diet and physical exercise nevyyavlena.

Some scientists believe that the causes of obesity can bytpriem neuroleptics, antidepressants and some psychotropic drugs.Ryadissledovany shown that if you take sibutraminovye drugs kotoryepodavlyayut appetite, so in the future can lead to obesity.

Sometimes obesity is associated with chronic fatigue, depression, and systematic sleep deprivation.Fatigue adversely skazyvaetsyana human hormone metabolism and may disrupt the secretion of hormones, kotoryeotvechayut of appetite.Thus, the above condition is not provotsiruyutozhirenie and provoke overeating.

Main prichinyozhireniya

Dangerous and vrednyeprivychki.After all, alcohol and smoking have a negative impact on nashupischevaritelnuyu system.These habits weaken our immunity and sposobstvuyutnarusheniyu exchange.

If the digestive system is not working correctly, toizbavitsya of extra kilograms will be impossible.And the extra weight carried vredvsemu body.

Actions protivozhireniya

First of all you must find out the cause of obesity.Esliozhirenie caused by hormonal problems you have, then you need to be treated B special clinic where the doctor will select the appropriate diet for you.

If obesity has arisen because of irregularities in pischevaritelnoysisteme then be engaged in their own diet.Do not stick strogihdiet.They will not help you.More precisely to help, but in a very short time.The need to add more food diet that contains fiber.Eat like mozhnobolshe fruits and vegetables.Useful become bran.Try isklyuchitslishkom fatty foods, fried foods and too salty from your diet.Do not forget to eat beans (not canned).

Tidy intestinal microflora.For this kazhdyyden drink a glass of kefir.Eliminate fast food ipolufabrikatov.It is better to cook at home from natural products.Also Why purchase products with nutritional supplements.Any additives inhibit mikroflorukishechnika.

Besides power and change your daily routine.In time lozhitesspat not overdo it, and avoid stressful situations.Try both mozhnobolshe move during the day (at work, at home).

Engage in physical activity.You can go to the gym, dancing, aerobics.Select a mobile activity, which will be to your liking, and lose weight sudovolstviem.And most importantly, lovely girl, always stay healthy.

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