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How to cure sinusitis folk remedies

you to understand, sinusitis - an inflammation of the upper otdeladyhatelnogo way.It boleznvoznikaet itself due to the fact that microbes get to the mucosa, "settle" tamna long time.It is unfortunate, but zachastuyuvrachi confused with the common cold and severe disease as a result, naznachayutne what we need.

It is worth noting that in addition to pain in the nose may occur isleduetsya unpleasant pain: difficult breathing, impaired sense of smell, headaches bolii temperature.It is important to stop in time sinusitis, because he sposobenpererasti a chronic disease for which treatment is neobhodimovmeshatelstvo surgeons!

If you notice that you have started the process of obrazovaniyagaymorita, immediately consult a specialist and start treatment.However etubolezn can be cured and most.This will help us nezamenimyenarodnye funds.


Rinsing the nose - one of the best ways to lecheniyagaymorita.Washing is carried out with the salt solution.

To prepare such a solution posleduytesleduy

uschim recommendations:

  1. Boil 200 ml of water;
  2. Dissolve the resulting water of sea salt (preferably the dining room).If you do not find sea salt, you can poprobovatobychnuyu cookery;
  3. Now you need to add a solution of 3 drops of iodine mix obtained;
  4. Find medical syringe without a needle (if pomoschinego will be treated);
  5. Dial into the syringe and the resulting solution nebolshoekolichestvo strong pressure on the syringe vpryskivayterastvor nostril.Thus it is necessary to take into account the fact that the solution should vyhoditcherez other nostril.

Recommendation: Carry out this procedure at least dvaraza a day until recovery.


I would argue that it is well known for such procedure as inhalation.This kind of treatment is peculiar warming airway.In the Data procedure, we will resort to the boiled potatoes.

So, here are step by step instructions:

  1. Cook in uniform 3 large potatoes;
  2. Drain remaining water and tilt to the pan, cover with a towel;
  3. all, now just inhale the steam coming otkartofelya.

Advice on inhalation:

  1. Breathe only through the nose, inhaling deeply.
  2. In inhalation, you can use efirnyemasla added to boiling water (eucalyptus, pine, tea tree).
  3. carry out the procedure before going to bed.

Pets ointment

Undoubtedly, one of the known methods of treatment gaymoritayavlyaetsya use of ointments, of course, made from natural products.Skazhutochno that you will not be difficult to prepare such an ointment.

What do we need?Butter, milk, honey, juice, squeezed from onions, laundry soap and alcohol.Posletogo as you prepare everything you will need to put vseperechislennoe in a deep pan.It's worth noting that you need to put all equally, without forgetting to chop the soap.Heat it all in a water bath, not zabyvayapomeshivat this "mess."The procedure can be considered complete when mylopolnostyu melted and the mixture itself will be homogenous viscous mass.

graduating from preparing the mixture, proceed to its implementation attraction.To get started is to cool the ointment.Then apply the mixture on vatnyytampon and shove it into the nostril, preferably deeper.Everything is just minutes poterpet10 insert the swab into the other nostril.This procedure rekomenduetsyaprovodit a week three times a day.

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