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How to cope with a toothache?

few simple tips

If you have bleeding gums, there is a small wound in the mouth, you need to calendula.You can brew calendula themselves, and if this is not possible, then buy it from a pharmacy tincture.Further dilute tincture of calendula to warm boiled water: calculation about one teaspoon per cup.It is necessary to drink a glass every time after you have eaten.

If you have a gum that's all right, but there is a terrible toothache and wounds, then you need to apply the clove oil.This oil is considered to be analgesic and disinfectant for the mouth.As an option: you buy at the pharmacy and make clove oil solution.The solution should be prepared as follows: two drops of diluted clove oil in a glass of warm water.Next, you need to rinse your mouth several times a day after meals;You can also rinse your mouth when there is toothache.

with bleeding gums and tooth pain as well to vitamin C, it is necessary to put a sick gums.Vitamin C is found in parsley, pepper and fruit.But one vitamin C will

be difficult to do, so you should use ginseng root.When periodontal disease makes it very well.Ginseng should drink 15-20 drops three times a day, preferably 30 minutes before eating.

After a visit to the dentist often occurs swelling of the mouth.After removing the tooth and does torments wild pain.Such pain can withdraw funds arnica.This tool quickly relieves pain and promotes rapid healing of wounds in the mouth.

If you have an intolerable toothache and you can not go to the dentist, then you perfect a compress of belladonna.And the infusion of rue, helps get rid of festering wounds, promotes healing of abscesses and ulcers of various kinds, which may be in the mouth.

If you need to remove a toothache, at least temporarily, then here are some ways to solve this problem:

  • need to make soda solution and drop it a few drops of iodine, then rinse your mouth several times before removingAching tooth;

  • taken a simple cotton swab and medical impregnated usual valokordin.Next, apply the pad to the patient terribly aching tooth;

  • good national way (although if you're driving, you should not use this method to solve the problem) you need to dial into the mouth a little vodka and hold it on the side of the patient's tooth, or rather, to eliminate pain;

  • not exactly easy, but very useful way: attach a small piece of ice to the sore tooth, only the cheek will be cold, but it is better, perhaps, to suffer the cold than a toothache;

  • pain at the front of the teeth, you can press your finger on akunpunturnuyu point.This point is located between the nose and lips.

Sometimes, many people do not know what to do when a toothache, often make blunders, thereby harming themselves.So, what should not be done at the aching tooth:

In no case do not put a hot compress on the tooth, as they only increase the pain and are causing complications sources;

If you have decided today to go to the dentist, you should not drink painkillers, at least three hours before going to the clinic, or you can put the wrong diagnosis, and your campaign will be in vain.

And, of course, not to resort to these methods is best to do everything on time.Be healthy!

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