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Identify the disease on the location of acne

human skin is the largest of ploschadiorganom, which is responsible not only for temperature regulation and is otlichnymindikatorom by which to judge the presence of health problems.When etomna skin can act as a signal of serious and not very problems ranging from lack of spring of vitamins and minerals, and ending takimiproblemami that can not be ignored, such as gormonalnyydisbalans, irregularities in the internal organs.

Thus, the art of diagnosis by analyzing vneshnegovida skin - a procedure is not the most modern, because even drevniekitayskie healers turned their attention to the fact that the skin pokryvaetsyavysypaniyami, wrinkles, aging first of all in those places, kudaproetsiruyutsya internal organs,in which there are certain problemy.Bolee of diagnosis, carefully examining your skin, you can dazheranshe than it can make a qualified doctor having to svoemrasporyazhenii ultrasound machine and all kinds of new methods of diagnosis and laboratornyhissledovany.

random whether the rash on

your face?

One of the most common types of acne schitayutugrevuyu rash that often occurs during adolescence and is associated sizmeneniyami hormonal.If health is all right, 18-20 letustanavlivaetsya normal sebaceous glands and rashes disappear bezkakogo outside interference.

second critical point in life - a 40-45-letniyvozrast.You guessed it, the appearance of acne at this time due to all temizhe hormonal changes that occur in the body of each woman.Dermatology Cosmetology to describe this issue even come up with its own term "menopauzalnyevysypaniya."Sadly, pimples of this nature appear in zavisimostiot saturation organism female sex hormones, and more vsegopoyavlyayutsya facial at the end of each cycle.

Acne and other related diseases

As you know, the official medicine compared snetraditsionnoy is in its infancy, and therefore can not give pryamogootveta on the question of whether to tell what diseases pimples appeared on the other tormentedarea of ​​skin.True, it is necessary to pay tribute: doctors are studying dannuyuproblemu and all the forces trying to find a relationship.

So, do not doubt that the dark spots that form on the face and are resistant to correction, there priproblemah liver and ovarian dysfunction.

's face abruptly appeared acne?Then stoitproverit the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, liver, in short, all those organs and systems that are responsible for the body's metabolism.

It is possible to make a clear conclusion: if you are already davnozakonchili school, and your age is far from adolescence, when a vysypaniyzhelatelno not go to the beautician.The best option in this case to the district physician budetpohod requested to write the direction of obsledovanievsego body.

addition that the skin reflects our fizicheskiezabolevaniya, on her condition and affects the lifestyle that we lead and ratsion.K example, for rashes on the face are often responsible trouble kakzapory.Acne, which appeared on the wings of the nose and cheeks, saying that the problem nuzhnoiskat in the small intestine, and a rash on the forehead and the temples testify onepoladkah in the stomach and liver.

If you are constantly complaining about the chapped lips, and periodically there nalbu subcutaneous rash worth checking gut napredmet presence in it of toxins and the problems with the microflora.

rash appearing on his forehead, but localized vdollinii hair growth, talk about what's wrong gall bladder ipodzheludochnaya iron.

But on diseases of the endocrine system, namely, thyroid, pineal gland, pituitary, adrenal, say pimples appearing napodborodke, neck.

noticed that sends distress signals the bladder can be for minor rashes, excessive dryness of the skin.But if the liver nespravlyaetsya the load, the pimples, and even age spots appear on his forehead ilivozle nose.

Many complain that the localization of lesions opredelitdovolno difficult: pimples appear on the forehead, the chin, the cheeks iliviskah and sometimes virtually all over his face.The frequency of the appearance of takihpryschey also missing.This suggests that it is worth at least neskolkoraz donate blood in order to determine the hormonal and takzhepodkorrektirovat your daily diet.

about the problems with the kidneys, can be judged by swollen eyelids, it chtochasche often observed in the morning.But if you notice that the swelling lokalizuyutsyablizhe to the outer corners of the eyes, it makes sense to check how rabotaetserdechno-vascular system.The problems with the heart and blood vessels ipokrasneniya say, swollen tip of the nose.

problems in the female genital area projected onto the face vvide rash on the chin.There is also a sense to address kkvalifitsirovannomu gynecologist in the case if the skin on the chin zametnokrasnee than on other areas of the face.Such external changes mogutsvidetelstvovat of chronic inflammation of the urogenital system.

As you know, acne should not be considered an ordinary yavleniem- when they appear advisable to consult a doctor and undergo a general examination which will reveal hidden problems and treat the disease at ihnachalnoy stage.

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