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Drug treatment of eczema

1) Crémant ointments that contain corticosteroids, considered to be the most effective ointments to treat eczema.They neobhodimomazat portion of your skin lesions.Apply creams and ointments nebolshimikolichestvami, because they also have a number of side effects, kotoryenegativno affect your treatment.Use these tools need to dotogo time until your skin will not disappear until the affected area or you neprekratit treatment your doctor.For better use of the ointment body to which has 1% hydrocortisone, and facial ointment containing 0.5% of hydrocortisone.

2) Esliu have dry eczema, use the best creams and ointments that will soften and moisturize your skin.They must use two or three times a day, rubbing into the skin thoroughly.

3) Steam treatments.In bolshinstvabolnyh eczema the skin is dry, while it strongly itches and razdrazhaetsya.Chtoby avoid these negative aspects, it is necessary to take a bath, but tolkone much hot, while sure to use a variety of bath oils, atakzhe moisturizers.But take a

long bath, or use prietom generally no soap and other foam materials are dried and razdrazhayutporazhennuyu skin.

4) Treatment with pomoschyuultrafioletovogo light very well to move back the disease.Because this type of treatment chtopri skin is warm and sunny climate and etosposobstvuet cleanse your skin and further recovery.Course lucheniyaustanavlivaet doctor, do not need to overdo it, because it is also mozhetdat side effect.

5) Treatment with drugs pomoschyuantigistaminnyh.This type of drugs used misrepresented if your condition is accompanied by great itching eczema kozhi.Kogda you sleep, you have no control over their actions and scratching the affected skin mestavashey.That's not to do so, before going to bed should be used dannyypreparat.He, in turn mitigates the level of itching and helps you sleep without damaging your skin.Also, you better during illness regulyarnosvoi trim nails to avoid various types of damage to the skin, if you budetechesat it.

6) Treated with pomoschyuantibiotikov.This treatment is used if your skin is weakened Istan less healthy.Just healthy skin acts as a kind of barrier peredrazlichnymi bacteria that are always present on our hands.To nenanosili bacteria harmful to your skin, your skin checked by a doctor and neobhodimyhsluchayah use antibiotics, so you can help your skin fight sbakteriyami.

There is also a large kolichestvoprimerov when people fell ill with eczema because of the food that chastovstrechayutsya in our diet.These are products such as chicken, eggs, cow's milk, wheat.To check what you have allergy, you must first renounce the use of all of the above vidovproduktov and then sequentially take one type at a time, dabytakim way to determine what type of product makes you allergiyu.Posle as determine exactly what, thatthen better give otego ingestion forever.

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