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Reasons gipolaktatsii and what to do

reasons gipolaktatsii

lactation is influenced by many factors, the role of one of them acts as the psychological mood of the mother.You have to be born a true desire to nourish your baby.You clearly need to understand not only at the level of literature, but on a subconscious level, that milk - is the best food for the baby, he needs for full development and good health.There are also situations where a mom too worried that she would not have milk, and it is, of course, also has a negative impact on his generation.

Gipolaktatsiya may occur in malnourished and malnourished women.This means that you need to carefully monitor their diet and to listen to the recommendations of doctors.Today, the media can be found mountain of useful information about how a nursing mom to organize his regime.That's just always remember that everyone - the individual, and his body demands the special approach.So reading reading strife and consultation with experts has not been canceled.

For full lactation is necessa

ry to develop and drinking regime.Given the fact that the daily nursing mother produces 800-900 ml of milk costs about how much, and to increase fluid intake.Drink tea, milk, juices, fruit drinks and so on., But as they say, do not go too far - do not increase the volume of the liquid for more than one liter.Many are of the opinion that the more a drink in your diet, the more milk will be produced.The question of course debatable, because breastfeeding mom should think not only about the amount of breast milk, but also on its qualitative characteristics.If you consume too much fluid, then the milk will be less of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals that are vital to the child's body.

Gipolaktatsiya may occur in women taking birth control pills, the contents of which include estrogen.In such a situation are advised to switch to other contraceptives previously go to the reception to the gynecologist.

Sometimes the girls problems with milk production of a temporary nature, and called lactation crises.They usually come in the third to tenth and twentieth, thirtieth day after the birth, and in the third month after the start of feeding.Take the time to transfer the baby to the artificial mixture.Apply it to the breast as often as possible, it will have its positive impact.

Abatement gipolaktatsiey

To cope with gipolaktatsiey, you can use special plant-based beverages, recipes of which are shown below.They can prepare yourself at home, but first consult with your doctor.

Cream with cumin

One glass of cream is poured into a ceramic jar, add two tablespoons cumin seeds, mixed thoroughly, cover tightly with a lid and put in the oven, where the whole thing languished for thirty or fortyminutes.Drink after cooling take twice a day for half a cup.

juice Dandelion leaves

fresh young dandelion leaves thoroughly washed, crushed (you can use the grinder), squeeze the juice and add the juice to taste, and then give the brew for thirty or forty minutes.Take small sips of the drink half a cup once or twice a day.

Infusion anise

Two teaspoons anise seeds pour 200 ml of boiling water and insist within an hour.Take a chilled drink two tablespoons of two to three times a day.

grow up healthy!

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