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Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases during unprotected sexual intercourse

Ambulance at nezaschischёnnompolovom act

It domashniysposob prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.That is, if you are not sure polovompartnёre, the condom broke, or you were raped, pribegnik emergency prevention (the sooner the better).

poslepolovogo act immediately wash with soap and water is important to the genitals, to empty the bladder.Esliest opportunity, you need to wash your vagina using a syringe or horoshimnaporom water from the shower, it does not hurt to do an enema.

During dvuhchasov after intercourse (not later, and the sooner the better) nuzhnopromyt mucous membranes (vagina, rectum, urethra, rinse the mouth and throat) antiseptic solution (chlorhexidine, Miramistin and their analogues).Chlorhexidine dlyasprintsevaniya taken to a concentration of 0.2%.Thus held profilaktikatakih infections like chlamydia, trichomoniasis, syphilis, gonorrhea, ureaplasmosis, genital herpes.If these antiseptics at hand was not, mozhnoispolzovat solution of potassium permanganate color red w

ine or lemon water (at litrvody juice of half a lemon).Also it does not hurt to use a spermicide during intercourse such as "Pharmatex", "Eroteks", "Patenteks Oval."

Home ochenvazhna prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, but it does not give any guarantees.Risk sick if ill polovoypartnёr remains high.

Drug profilaktikazabolevany sexually transmitted

Medikamentoznayaprofilaktika venereal disease involves the use of medication prescribed by a doctor-dermatologist.Drug prevention - a preventive treatment for 1-2dney after unprotected sexual intercourse, provided that the signs of the disease net.Tak way, drug prevention - a preventive treatment, preventing sexually transmitted diseases.The decision to hold such treatment prinimaetisklyuchitelno doctor.

important to know chtomedikamentoznaya prevention, it is, in fact, the treatment used in the skhemahlecheniya acute, uncomplicated genital infections.

Drug profilaktikavenericheskih diseases is effective only against bacteria (gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis) and effektivnaprotiv of viral infections - genital herpes virus papillomycheloveka HIV infection.

Drug prevention is a not a panacea "for all ills," this is an extreme method of preventing sexually transmitted infection.It is in any case can not be conducted frequently and, of course, does not replace the condom.


can nonconductive medical prophylaxis, and wait for the pass inkubatsionnyyperiod (3-4 weeks after the casual relationships), and then examined by venereologist, having passed the relevant tests.

Another option - to convince svoegosluchaynogo sexual partner be tested for the presence of sexually transmitted infections.Ksozhaleniyu, this version of "prevention" is practically impossible to perform.

Prevention of Preventive

Ispolzovanieprezervativa has not been canceled.Condom, today is samoyluchshey prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.If accidental contact for your uncommon, it is important to regularly attend venereal disease, because only professionalmozhet adequately assess risk and assign the correct prevention and treatment.

And a little bit about the responsibility

If you have postoyannyypolovoy partner relationships which you value, and the random svyazdeystvitelno was accidental, after this kind of "relationship" vazhnopravilno behave with the sexual partner.In this case, it did not prevent byprovesti pharmacological prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.After medikamentoznoyprofilaktiki unprotected sex with a regular partner settled on 7sutki.Up to this point it is important to use a condom in polovyhotnosheniyah.

And anyway, permanent polovoypartnёr - a reliable, easy and safe!Safe sex and you budtezdorovy!

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