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Method Holotropic breathing Stanislav Grof

Such breathing (holotropic) StanislavGrof psychologist invented in the 70s of the last century.In 1975 StanislavGrof together with his wife, he invented a special technique of breathing, holotropic kotoroenazyvaetsya, so people can immerse themselves in the great otobychnogo conscious state, without the help of LSD and other substances that are prohibited for use.In an altered state of consciousness changes videobuslovleno subjective experience of the patient, who sravnivayutsyas usual and normal for him - this data is studied in psychology.Samtermin holotropic formed from the roots of the Greek words holos and trepein, chtooznachaet movement toward wholeness.

Holotropnoedyhanie what it is

This methodology encompasses a change of breathing, then estego natural rhythm.Patient set the rhythm deep or more uchaschennogodyhaniya, causing hyperventilation performed, carbon gazvymyvaetsya of blood vessels in the brain constrict, braking starts in the cortex golovnogomozga and thereby stimulated the ac

tivation of subcortical.Soglasnoizobreteniyu Grof, all contribute to the awakening of life and displacement of izsoznaniya experiences.This may even cause hallucinations.To pogruzitcheloveka in the right state, you need to use a whole range of effects of the acceleration of rhythm of his breathing, the impact of music and specific drugimiraznymi forms for use with the human body.Typically, training is carried out stselyu groups, but perhaps holding pair of classes - the first of the pair - etoholonavt that breathes as prescribed method, and the other nazyvaetsyasidelkoy, ie assistant.


We all know that fat is burned with oxygen.Storonnikietogo breathing techniques believe that it assists in the physical and duhovnomochischenii.Of course, this method is designed not just for weight loss, objectives itseli much bulkier.Despite this, some supporters of the metodaotmechayut that they returned to normal weight and overall figures significantly simplify uluchshilos.A if this technique, then all you have to do - is often igluboko breathe, but do not forget that it allprohoditpod should control specialist.Taking the right position, you breathe a zvukimuzyki and perform special exercises, using pravilnoedyhanie.This will remove the metabolite from the body, such as carbon dioxide.The muscular contractions that accompany this process, the press and form a beautiful posture, podtyanutkozhu.Occupation is usually takes 1.5-2 hours.Such dyhatelnayametodika many years practiced in yoga, but holotropic breathing - etomodifitsirovannaya version of psychoanalysis.

Vredholotropnogo breathing

If it would be possible using this method to lose weight, improve physical data, but also to cope with the problems psihicheskogoharaktera, this method would be considered a panacea.Even if we consider a chtoteoreticheski breathing can solve many problems, there is a downside storonaetoy medals.Consider for a start method from the point of view of science.Unfortunately, the theory of the hotly Grof kritikuetortodoksalnaya science, considering this teaching pseudoscience.

What says about this classical science?RinardMinvaleev (Head of the Department at the National Institutes of Health) warned Otomi that the method is an invention Grof, develops full degradatsiyumozga with all the ensuing consequences.In addition, giperventilyatsiyalegkih makes a person highly suggestible, and lead during training imeetvozmozhnost cause the patient to see what he (the patient) wants to see his iubedit the veracity of what he saw.

In any case, any deviation from the natural normyavlyaetsya harmful to humans - as choking and oxygen perenasyschenie.Vot so this technique can not be practiced, while at home, and even vodinochestve.Some people try to compare with holotropic breathing priemomnarkoticheskih funds, as during such breathing human mozgispytyvaet various hallucinations - they can be strong and vibrant, onidazhe can cause a condition of getting used to what they see.By the way, yarkostgallyutsinatsy promotes health.For example, the probability of etauvelichivaetsya those people who have seen little legochnyhartery hypertension.There is something else that zamalchivaetsya- is a danger that during the session holotropnogodyhaniya proiskhoditpolnaya some patients stop breathing.There is information of psychologist Molchanov that vAmerike criticism of this method proved the fact of the death of five children in momentdyhatelnoy practice.Only here it does not specify whether this fact chtogibel stemmed from holotropic breathing or other similar movements.