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Description herbaceous plant camomile

Camomile - is an annual herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family.This small plant height of 40 cm, has a strong branching single stem.It has a strong odor.As for chamomile flowers, they are collected in the basket, where the size of a 1.5 cm.Flower basket consists of a tongue-white petals and yellow numerous yellow tubular flowers.By the end of flowering reed flowers are folded down.Camomile blooms for a long time - from late May to mid-September.It grows throughout the European part of Russia as a weed in weedy areas, near houses and in the fields, on fallow lands, roadsides.How to prepare for winter?And how to keep beneficial properties for a long time?To do this, dry chamomile flowers collected in a well heated by the sun indoors or under the eaves with good ventilation, spread in a thin layer with a thickness of 2-3 cm on paper or cloth.Ensure that there is no mold, rot and other small parts.The shelf life of not more than 1 year from the date of the workpiece.

About chamomile and its medicinal pr

operties can talk for a long time because they have no end.Chamomile is known for its medicinal properties, and in fact is very useful for our body.It can be used for both external and for internal use.For medicinal purposes use chamomile flowers.Collect them should be at a time when the white ligulate flowers are horizontally.Chamomile has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, antiseptic, disinfectant, astringent, analgesic properties and sweatshops.Chamomile as useful due to its rich and therapeutic composition.It contains proteins, essential oils.The composition of essential oils include chamomile chamazulene or differently azulene which has anti-inflammatory properties.Chamomile stands apigenin and apiin, they give daisy antispasmodic properties.About 20% of coumarin glycoside, cadinene, tricyclic alcohol triakantan, choline, salicylic acid, fatty acid glycerides, mucilages, gums, vitamins C, D, E and K, and much more.This is such a rich part chamomile.

As for chamomile, it is made from chamomile flowers.This magical tincture is recommended to drink in many diseases.It acts as an analgesic, sedative, diaphoretic, choleretic, astringent, laxative, carminative.The infusion of chamomile flowers perfectly helps with colds and gastrointestinal diseases, cramps and pains in the stomach.With diarrhea, constipation, irritability, insomnia, cramps, toothaches, with women's diseases, uterine bleeding, delayed menstruation is also recommended to drink the infusion of flowers lilies.The solution was washed with chamomile festering wounds, ulcers, abscesses, used to rinse the throat with the flu, the flu makes inhalation.

Chamomile tea is very beneficial for depression, liver and kidney, bladder camomile tea acts as a diuretic.In various respiratory diseases, migraine - the total camomile helps better than tablets.Infusions of chamomile are used in the form of lotions and compresses with inflammatory diseases of the skin and also gemmoroe.Tak chamomile helps with the formation of gases, relieves pain in the abdomen during menstruation, stimulates the property of the central nervous system.Chamomile may increase the secretion of gastric and intestinal juices, stimulates the appetite.

Medicinal properties of chamomile are widely used in cosmetology.Just chamomile used in folk cosmetics, making from it a variety of masks and lotions.Chamomile extract or wash wipe the face for the recovery and purification of the skin.Chamomile has cleansing properties that helps to get rid of various acne and blackheads.Camomile tea is used as opalaskivatel for light hair, of infusion hair get healthy golden hue.Camomile flowers used in perfumery using essential oils.Chamomile extract is added to many well-known and little-known shampoos, creams, lotions.Chamomile is used in many cosmetic and SPA-salons.

share with you a recipe for infusion of chamomile: for this you will need 1 tablespoon of chamomile flowers to brew in a glass of boiling water.Give sludge infusion for 30 minutes, and then strain.It can be used both for internal and for external use.

By the way, this infusion can cure ulcers . For this infusion, you have prepared, drink 15 minutes before eating, and after that you need to lie down on all sides of the body that would infusion uniformly absorbed all areas of the mucous membrane.Drink 3 times a day, 1 month course of treatment.

In order to get rid of stomatitis and other oral diseases need 1 tbsp chamomile flowers to brew 1 cup of water, infuse 45 minutes, and rinse your mouth 2-3 times a day.Because chamomile can make chamomile ice, for that simply fill the molds for ice in the freezer, and infusion.They can wipe the face, neck, décolleté, and use chime instead of washing.Especially good to use for cooling in the summer heat and pleasant and helpful.

What would produce an oily infusion, it takes 250 grams of chamomile flowers pour 1 liter of vegetable oil.Insist 2 weeks in a dark warm place.Strain.Before using a water bath to warm to body temperature.Apply with varicose veins and thrombophlebitis, for dry hair (applied to the scalp and hair for 30-40 minutes, rinse thoroughly).The same infusion can be lubricated abrasions, boils, etc.

And in order to make gadgets that need 2-3 tbsp.l.chamomile flowers stir in 2-3 tbsp.l.of boiling water.Mush cause on the gauze and apply to the sore spot for rheumatism, bruises, swellings, boils, burns, bruises, joint pain, headaches, eczema.

instructions for using chamomile introduced, it remains only to apply your new knowledge.Good luck!Be healthy and not get sick.