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How useful leaf extract of aloe vera?

Aloe of Liliaceae family, originally from South Africa.In their homeland aloe reaches a length of 4-5 meters in height.Today there are about 250 species of this miracle plant.We spread as a houseplant.Leaves his regular and fleshy, and the edges of the leaves are seated spikes.Stem straight.Flowering aloe indoors is very rare.Aloe orange flowers collected in the brush of cylindrical shape.Fruit - a cylindrical box.

Well propagated by dividing the roots are with him at the top of the soil.Mainly in the lower part of the stem formed shoots.They are easily separated and quickly take root.Rooting is best done in late summer, early autumn.

Scientists have found that aloe juice contains essential oils of about 20 amino acids, vitamins B, C, E, beta-carotene, choline, cellulose and many other enzymes and trace nutrients.

way, with aloe linked to many legends.According to one legend, it was believed that aloe grew in the Garden of Eden.Many tribes believe the magic of aloe plants with magical powers.For exam

ple, in Africa, aloe beam hang over the front door, what misery and misfortune bypassed the house and its inhabitants party.In Mexico, it is assumed that the aloe makes money.

Over time aloe extract obtained in only one way: the sheet was cut in half with a knife and its contents released.At the end of the sixties we developed a method of storage, and use of vitamins Aloe.It is believed that the breeding and processing of aloe profitable business, bringing huge revenue.Still, after aloe wherever they are added!

Whatever aloe was more effective before the squeeze out juice sheets, you need 10-12 days to hold in a dark room at a temperature of 4-8 degrees.It is best to use for recovery of pieces of aloe vera should be young 10-15 cm in length, and the plant should be 3-4letnego age.Aloe is used to treat colds, runny nose.Just aloe helps to quickly heal abrasions, scratches, spots and cuts.Aloe has a huge impact in the treatment of fungal diseases of the feet, helps with hair loss, bruises.Excellent healing blisters, burns, eases the effects of insect bites, sprains.Especially girls, aloe helps with sunburn!

For internal use of aloe juice or jelly eliminates diseases such as arthritis, shortness of breath, headache, sore pressure.In general, aloe can cure or relieve any disease or illness.Aloe also treat eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, blepharitis, keratitis, facilitates the progression of myopia.Aloe helps with cataract and glaucoma.In order to prevent, and inflammation of the eyes in any useful wash eyes with an aqueous solution of aloe.To do this, aloe leaf should be thoroughly washed, finely chop and pour boiling water.Insist 2-3 hours, after which it is necessary to wash the eyes with infusion of at least three times a day.

Aloe juice is used in dentistry.Aloe juice helps with stomatitis, chew the leaves of aloe, or rinse your mouth aloe juice, and toothache only need to make a small piece of aloe on the tooth and the pain will pass quickly.Aloe also helps with the inflammation of the gums, for that, too need to chew pieces of aloe and rinse your mouth aloe juice diluted with water.People with diabetes also useful to chew the leaves of aloe.Aloe has beneficial effects on digestion and improves metabolism.As Aloe is useful for kidney, it normalizes the functioning of kidneys and urinary tract.Aloe juice is used for prostatitis and impotence.

Despite the fact that aloe vera is popular in folk medicine and is known for its positive effect on the body, as there are contraindications.Aloe juice is prohibited to use the inside at high pregnancy, hypertension, heart diseases, liver and gastric bubble, as hemorrhoids, menstruation, because aloe causes blood flow to the pelvic organs.

Today, many people believe that traditional medicine is much more effective than various kinds of medicines.The fact that the Council and recommended by doctors does not help, even if it has a positive effect on the acceptance of the recommended medications after discontinuation of these drugs the disease begins to progress, and thus people are more inclined to traditional medicines.And modern medicines are very expensive, but if you have no sense of them, then it is very sad for the money spent, and various herbs were treated even grandparents of our grandparents.

example, aware of the fact that many elderly patients with arthritis.What is prescribed by doctors, to no avail, and started drinking aloe juice, they began to move more, began to feel easy on the rise, I felt a surge of strength, and joint pain was gone.Just claim that aloe is very good for intestinal diseases, and well relieves headache and toothache.

course listening to people treated with traditional medicine, first of all this are skeptical and do not pay attention.I believe that it is quite normal, because people can not afford to inspire and his illness and recovery from use of folk remedies, but if the same assertion to listen for the umpteenth time, by captivity begin to believe, to listen and remember.

treatment of gastrointestinal diseases

100 g of honey, 15 g of aloe juice, 100 g goose or pork fat, 100 g of cocoa mix together.Take one tablespoon per cup of hot milk.
Salo can replace butter, but then eliminate cocoa.In this case, take one tablespoon twice a day (morning and evening).

treatment of redness in the skin dilated capillaries

If skin redness and dilated capillaries is very good aloe juice.In the evening or in the morning on dry well-cleaned with a solution of tea face and neck rub the juice or a piece of aloe aged, on the one hand been previously removed hard cuticle.Sliding motion to hold the skin of the face and neck.Then within a minute or two you need to drive it into the skin pat, then another wet skin should apply nourishing cream or cream can be used instead of aloe juice, squeezed it out of a leaf and apply 5-8 drops to the skin of the face andneck.After carrying out this procedure for the first time is often a burning sensation or a slight tingling sensation, but after two or three sessions of this phenomenon passes.Repeat procedure should be 10-12 times a day or two.A month later, repeat the course.

This recipe from wrinkles.It is believed that aloe helps to get rid of wrinkles, and thus very popular in cosmetology.In addition, aloe relieves wrinkles, it also nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the face and body.Even Cleopatra used the aloe juice, which would maintain the elasticity of your skin, and created its own recipe, which was popular among the ancient Roman women.And that's why Cleopatra and Nefertiti famous for the beauty and youth.The secret of their beauty was aloe.To this day, residents of North America and Sicily used the fleshy part of the leaf aloe. To prepare the cream of Cleopatra to gently mix the powder 5 grams of aloe with 40 ml of distilled water to avoid lumps, pour 20 ml of rose water and add 10 grams of honey.Put the mixture in a water bath and gently put it 100 grams of fresh pork lard, making sure that it is not too hot.Ready cream flavored with fresh aloe juice, to shift into a jar and store in refrigerator.Once a day, apply on face and neck with a thin layer, gently pokolachivaya skin with fingertips to better absorb the cream.

Aloe can replace deodorant or shaving gel.Aloe is very popular in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.Aloe is added to soaps, shampoos, lotions for the face and body.Many popular cosmetics manufacturers add the juice of this wonder-plant in their products.But you know, a variety of masks and creams can be cooked at home.Here are a few recipes that are very easy to prepare at home, without spending a penny, and get maximum results.

Toning Lotion for oily skin .We must pour 2 tbsp.chopped leaf aloe 2/3 cup boiling water, let it brew for 2 hours, strain and store in the refrigerator no more than 4 days.Wipe face and neck 2-3 times a day.The procedure also eliminates shine, reduces sweating, refreshes and rejuvenates the skin.

mask for brittle hair .Squeeze the juice of two large leaves, add 1 tsp. Of boiled water.Massage rub mixture into the scalp, then put on waterproof shower cap and tie the head with plastic wrap and top Insulate towel.Keep the mixture on the hair for half an hour, then rinse with warm water.Masks do every day or two.The mask strengthens hair roots, prevents hair loss, makes the hair silky and beautiful.

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