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Insomnia: treatment of insomnia folk remedies

How does insomnia?
Insomnia is manifested by partial or complete absence of sleep.Insomnia also occurs in healthy people during mental excitement or fatigue.To get rid of insomnia, you should consult your doctor.If difficulties related to the nervous excitement, it is possible to use non-traditional means, or traditional medicine.

Insomnia is manifested when a person wakes up earlier than usual, for a long time can not sleep when overnight sleep is interrupted by a man several times, and for a long time.In other cases, the dream is a long, but not very deep.

cause insomnia
Dream needed a person to recuperate and relax after a busy day in the cares and labors.But not everyone can boast of a sound sleep.Insomnia - one of the medical problems of her doctors work around the world.The problem of insomnia is complicated by the fact that there is no single cause that leads to insomnia, as there is no universal cure.Defective rest, constant nervous stress, stressful pace of life - all this leads to chron
ic fatigue.

Insomnia can be debilitating, long, ie,shallow sleep when a person is accompanied by nightmares, vivid dreams.It can also be caused by diseases of the nervous system, shortness of breath, coughing fits, blood circulation disorder.

People whose work is related to mental work, often suffer from insomnia, many of them are overstrained, irrationally spend their forces.Among these people there are fans who prefer to cheer yourself strong coffee, and tea.But it relieves fatigue and only then for a short time, so fatigue is not removed, but rather continues to grow.That was not nervous insomnia, try not to engage in the evening mental, hard work, as well as to engage in occupations that stimulate the nervous system.

How should I treat insomnia?
To get rid of insomnia, healthy people need to follow the proper sleep and do the soothing, simple procedures before bedtime.If insomnia is prolonged, it is with the treatment that should be prescribed by a doctor, you need to regularly take natural remedies of traditional medicine.To prevent insomnia need to go to bed and get up at the same time, to observe the correct biological rhythm, the natural to the human body.And the best part is, if you go to bed early and get up early in the morning.

If the period of insomnia is a short-term period, for example, under stress, you need to change the diet of their food and to use nutritional supplements, all of which help restore normal sleep.You need to draw up a diet of their food, try to eliminate the after 18:00 hours use fatty foods, while the fat content in the body begins to decrease gradually as a result of your weight comes back to normal, so you sleep better.

to be always in good shape people start to drink plenty of strong coffee or tea, all this is very bad for the body.And when the body is weakened because of the lack of sleep lack of sleep, he can not fight even with small disturbances.People who suffer from insomnia, become irritable, distracted, inattentive.Over time, they develop diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension.

Yet insomnia and need to be treated.It uses chemicals that are prescribed by a doctor, and natural products, which enjoy great popularity.Natural remedies have fewer side effects, they have a milder effect, and can make people who suffer some other diseases.A legitimate medicinal collection, will help get rid of insomnia.

Do not try to fall asleep if you do not want to sleep.Even if you strongly want, try not to sleep during the day.Do not go to bed very early, you need to follow a diet.It should not be there at bedtime and after 18:00, do not drink hot tea, coffee, chocolate.Exercise 2 or 3 times a week, in the morning doing standing exercises before going to bed can not deal with intensity.By the way cycling and hiking bedtime relaxing effect on human.No need to go to bed in a rage.At night you need to relax, this approach meditation, gentle massage, hydrotherapy, or fit an interesting book.

If you can not sleep, listen to soft music or read a little.Before going to bed, ventilate the room, create a comfortable environment in the bedroom, remove background noise, if the air is dry put a humidifier in the bedroom.

as hypnotic, you should not drink alcohol, although in some cases, alcohol contributes to a better fall asleep, but it just seems like a dream with the short, shallow, besides the morning can cause weakness, headaches, and during the day can bereduced working capacity, all this will only aggravate insomnia.

Folk remedies for insomnia
No effective soporific than honey, besides it is harmless.You can go to the steam bath with an oak broom, it's good calms the nervous system.

- Take three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and mix it in a cup of honey.Before going to bed take two teaspoons of the mixture, they will play the role of sleeping pills.If you are very tired, you can repeat the reception of funds.Honey has a calming and restorative effect, and if it is combined with apple cider vinegar, it will be effective for insomnia.

- stir in a cup of warm water a tablespoon of honey and drink the infusion of the night.Bedtime smazhem whiskey lavender oil, drip 3 or 5 drops of lavender oil on a sugar cube and suck it a bit before going to bed.

- Take two tablespoons of walnut oil, two tablespoons of buckwheat honey and a glass of lemon juice.Lemon juice and honey mix until smooth, add the pounded walnut.We accept bedtime tablespoon.

- If insomnia is caused by rush of blood to the head, it is useful to the calves feet put grated horseradish or mustard.And it's still necessary to drink in a glass of cucumber brine one tablespoon of honey, which is well weaker.

Mix 30 grams of motherwort herb, 30 grams of peppermint leaves, 20 grams of hop cones of the ordinary.Take 10 grams of this mixture fill with boiled water, heat up in a boiling water bath for fifteen minutes, cool, strain, add boiling water to the original volume.We eat three times a day for half a cup for insomnia and nervous agitation.

Mix 20 grams of hops, valerian (rhizome), mint, bean trefoil.Take a tablespoon of the collection and fill the cup of boiling water, let it brew for half an hour, then drink three times a day, morning, afternoon, and before going to bed, 100 ml of boiling water.

Take 5 grams of valerian, 10 grams of oregano, all mixed up.Then, take 10 grams of this collection and its Fill the 100 ml of water, then we boil for 10 or 12 minutes, give it brew.At night we drink 100 ml of this infusion.

Take 5 grams of marigold flowers, thyme and motherwort and mix.Take 10 grams of collecting Fill the 200 ml of water and boil for 10 or 15 minutes, insist that one hour.Drink before bedtime 100 ml honey.

Take equal parts of the fruits of caraway, valerian rhizome, fennel fruit, peppermint leaves, chamomile flowers and mix.Fill with a mixture of 10 grams of boiled water and heat the water bath for half an hour, cool 10 minutes, strain, wring raw dolem broth to the original volume.Take 1 or 2 cups, take a glass in the evening.

Putting two of the flowers of lavender, peppermint leaves, 3 parts of rhizomes of valerian root, chamomile flowers.Take two tablespoons of this mixture insist in a glass of boiling water for fifteen minutes.We drink this glass sips throughout the day with insomnia.

Take 2 pieces of valerian root, chamomile flowers 3 parts, 5 parts of the fruit of cumin.Mix and take a tablespoon of the mixture and fill a glass of boiling water, leave for thirty minutes.We accept for half a glass in the morning and before bedtime for insomnia, irritability, with nervous excitement.

Take 30 grams of valerian root, grass motherwort 30 grams, 20 grams of lemon balm leaves.Tablespoon of the mixture fill with 300 mils of boiling water, insist 2 hours, drain.Drink before meals for a glass of wine three times a day.Apply with palpitations, insomnia, in neurosis, as a hypnotic and sedative.

Take the zest of one lemon, a glass of water, 2 tablespoons of the rhizomes and roots of the valerian, 3 tbsp flower baskets chamomile.Grind zest, and mix it with herbs, fill with boiling water, and will insist hour, then strain.We accept chilled half a cup twice a day, morning and evening, after a meal.

using herbs, which can treat insomnia
make a tincture of valerian, this tablespoon chopped valerian root fill it with a glass of hot water and simmer on low heat for fifteen minutes, ten minutes, and insist filter.Take a spoonful of broth three times a day.

tablespoons chopped valerian root pour a glass of cold boiled water and insist for seven or eight hours.Ready infusion filter.Take a spoonful three times a day, as well as at night.With increased nervous excitability increase the dose to half a glass a day and take two or three times a day.

valerian tincture
Take two tablespoons of finely chopped valerian root, and pour a glass of vodka, insist two weeks in a cool, dark place.Then infusion of strain and take two or three times a day for 15 or 20 drops.

Infusion of motherwort
Take two teaspoons of chopped herbs and fill it with 200 ml of cold water, leave for 8 hours.During the day, we drink all.

Camomile tea
Take tablespoon of flowers, and fill it with 200 ml of boiling water and infuse 30 minutes.Drink one hour before meals
70 ml infusion.

fennel tincture
Take 50 grams of dill and cook on low heat in a pint of red wine or port wine of Cahors wine.Before going to bed take 50 or 60 ml.It provides a healthy and deep sleep, harmless.

infusion dill
Fill tablespoon chopped fresh dill or fennel seeds, pour two cups of water.We insist, filter, take a teaspoon before bedtime.

recipes with oats
Take a glass of oat flakes fill with a liter of hot water and cook until the mixture thickens.In the finished broth to add a tablespoon of honey and boil for two minutes or three.Accepted in the form of heat two or three times a day for half a cup or glass.

Take a tablespoon of oat grain and fill two cups of water and cook until the broth thickens, then prepare a broth filter.All broth drink during the day and at night.

take a warm bath.The temperature should be above 37 or 38 degrees.We take a bath before a meal or after a meal and a half or two hours.The bath must be 20 or 25 minutes.Water should not cover the area of ​​your heart.Do not take a bath every day.

Diet for insomnia
diet should contain little salt, because salt prevents the onset of sleep.There must be a rational balanced diet, it has a positive effect on the treatment of insomnia.It should exclude spices, fried and fatty foods, alcohol, chocolate, coffee, tea, sugar, flour.The food you need to consume a measured and calm.

Now we know what insomnia treatment of folk remedies.Using these simple recipes you can easily and simply using folk remedies, cure insomnia.