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How to get rid of chronic fatigue and irritability

A prolonged fatigue leads to the development of chronic fatigue.Chronic fatigue can be in healthy people.Symptoms of chronic fatigue may be different and not always possible to describe those sensations.

main signs of fatigue.
- general weakness,
- fatigue,
- feeling anxiety,
- mood swings,
- apathy,
- irritability,
- drowsiness,
- poor health,
- sometimes chills.

How can I restore the power?
As soon as the first signs of fatigue, it is necessary to rebuild the health and strength, and to find the time, let it be a few hours a week.

Alternate classes.
During the day you take regular changes.After 50 minutes of take a break for 10 minutes, switch to a different type of activity.After mental work is useful to do physical work.This can be a long walk, housework, sport.You can meet friends, go to the theater, cinema, walk in the park.New experiences will improve mood and cope with fatigue.Being in the life of a lot of good memories.For those who laughing increases the rate of blood flow by

22 percent.It means to tissues and organs to greater flows of nutrients and oxygen.

Follow food regime.
the day you should drink about half a liter of clean drinking water.Water removes excess acidity and gentle return the acid-alkaline balance.Water helps your metabolism product of the human body, water is the best solvent on earth.

Provide normal sleep.
For most people, that they need to sleep for 6 to 8 hours of sleep.When you have the desire and the power to create, so you have enough sleep.Pupils useful to their rhythm of life to get some sleep during the day.You can sleep and the elderly during the day, but if not then you can not sleep at night, daytime sleep should be avoided.Insomnia, sleep deprivation give way to a deep and healthy sleep, peaceful sleep relieve irritability and fatigue.Get enough sleep affects our mood and health.Go to bed at the same time.To create conditions for normal sleep, having protected the room from outside noise.Always ventilate the room before going to sleep, it should become a habit.Especially pay attention to breathing exercises, do the exercises with elements of yoga.

Give up cigarettes and alcohol.
Smoking replaces the oxygen to carbon monoxide, a dangerous gas and disrupts the flow of oxygen into the body.You will not easily give up the habit, if you smoke for a long time.But you can try to smoke fewer cigarettes a little.Alcohol affects a person as a depressant, it does not add strength, but only brings fatigue.Chronic fatigue is as if the prolonged stress, alcohol here is useless and will only lead to further deterioration.

use less caffeine.
It only gives a temporary rise in activity, and then followed by increasing fatigue.

Nutrition should be a full and regular.
food should contain animal and vegetable fats, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, give up the grueling diets.Do not eat sweets and semi-finished products.Eliminate products that contain preservatives, dyes.

Less watching TV.
When watching TV to relax, then you will soon find that you are in the slow and clumsy state.It is better to actively relax, walk, read.Use the "IQ" - it is such a dietary supplement made from algae that enriches the food essential fatty acid Omega-3 improves brain activity.Calm yourself.Listen to good, quiet music, a prayer which will bring you peace.Imagine yourself in the mountains, on the coast, where you will be relaxed and good.

to deal with stress well will take "Activin" is a drug made from grape seeds.It is a potent antioxidant, it binds free radicals.It is proved that the stress and the destructive activity of free radicals have on human health is very bad effect.They accelerate the aging process in cells and disrupt metabolic processes.

If you apprised of the situation and began to do all the time to improve your condition, then you will quickly cope with chronic fatigue, but if time is missed, it would require a longer adjustment.It will require the guidance and supervision of an experienced physician.

We learned how to get rid of chronic fatigue and irritability.To protect yourself from chronic fatigue, you need to reduce the number of loads.Stress slows down the production of serotonin, which is responsible for mood, for the production of energy in the body.It is necessary to take steps to stress, not turned into depression.If you can not cope, then you need to see a specialist.Take dancing, sports.During sport produces endorphins that give you extra energy and allow you to feel better.