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Useful and wise advice on gynecology

I very much want the child, but her husband-time heir.I decided to go to the trick: a safe means you can pass for a contraceptive (in fact there are contraceptive vaginal suppositories)?

first heart to heart talk with her husband and find out by: what he does not want the child.The new member of the family to be desired for both parents, because it will make its own changes in the life of each of them, so to independently make such an important decision is not very fair.If the problem is temporary difficulties may have to wait a little longer, but soon, as soon as they are resolved, your dream of becoming a mother will certainly be realized.But if no tricks can not do, we can pass off as a contraceptive vaginal suppositories "Pimafucin."The drug is used to treat thrush, even during pregnancy and lactation is not absorbed by mucous membranes and skin, and does not affect the activity of sperm.Enter it as contraceptive vaginal suppositories need in the supine position before intercourse - the d

rug dissolves quickly enough.

true that the use of panty liners is undesirable because they create conditions for bacteria?

How wise doctors
, so many opinions about the useful and wise counsel on gynecology.But one thing experts agree: not to turn panty liners into a springboard for bacteria, hygiene need to be changed several times a day, regardless of the degree of contamination.Plus, it is better not to wear them with a synthetic underwear - such an alliance is blocking access to the sensitive area of ​​the air and creates the greenhouse effect, so beloved of pathogenic flora.Another important point - the presence of fragrances in pads.At the bacteria do not affect the past, but in the delicate intimate area can cause irritation.Therefore it is better to choose the usual "dailies" odorless "lily of the valley and violets."

now popular
useful contraceptive patch.Why do they need to glue it on the thigh, and whether it will be a blow to the body hormone (read that one plate is enough for a whole week)?

Hormone shock the body does not experience, as useful hormones, which are impregnated with plaster stand out gradually, not immediately.It's like a drink of birth control pills for seven days - the daily rate received by "agents" of the day will be the same.Gluing a useful patch better in places that are a little touch anything - in fact in intensive conditions "exploitation", he may come off.Therefore, the hip - a good option: a relatively intact at this place means imperceptibly, can be easily controlled by you.

I plan the first pregnancy.What is particularly interesting position at my age, and the nuances of preparing for it?

Today, many women achieve career heights, self-fulfilling in society and then prepared physically, financially and psychologically, decided on motherhood.

To do this, each with its own age
, and first childbirth after age 35 today is not uncommon for a useful and wise counsel on gynecology.Features of training to an interesting position in these years are no different from other age groups: it is necessary to know the state of women's health and overall efficiency.Analysis on TORCH-infections, the study of hormones and blood sugar in the blood, cytology smear from the cervix, ultrasonography of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney, thyroid, internal genitals (vaginal probe) and consultation of mammalogy - that's a standard list of necessary procedures in the process ofpreparation for pregnancy.

I have chronic chlamydia.I pass the course of treatment every six months, but the level of antibodies does not change.Whether to continue therapy or a memory of the body of the disease, which will last a lifetime?Can a previously transferred chlamydia affect pregnancy?

- a sign that your wise and strong body is already faced with chlamydia.They will remain there forever - it acquired immunological experience.But the presence in the blood of the defenders of biological chlamydia does not mean that the disease need to be treated.First, let's make the analysis by smear of the vaginal mucosa by PCR and proceeding to treatment if insidious microorganisms are detected therein.Another recommendation to useful therapy - control growth of antibodies.If titles analyzes vary upward, then a painful process in the active phase.Women planning a pregnancy and those who had treated chlamydia, recommended the study of tubal patency - microorganisms can hit them mucosa, causing the formation of adhesions, and tubal infertility.