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How does a child in the five weeks of pregnancy

Gestational age - five weeks: what happens to a woman?

worth noting that quite a large number of pregnant women may not experience any of the above events.They easily "step over" through the early stage of pregnancy without vomiting and nausea, according to the people a sure sign of pregnancy.So, if you are spared such "small happiness" - you should only envy.But if they were even so, it is necessary to hold, it becomes easier sometime after 12 weeks.There is a category of women, considered a manifestation of early toxicity commonplace and do not notice it.Try to make as well.But if morning sickness is quite bothers you - is to see a specialist, but under no circumstances do not use self.

recommendations in five weeks pregnant.

recommendations given to the 1st week, are still relevant.
• Follow a diet that is rich in protein and carbohydrates, promotes good digestion.
• Do not need to eat fatty and fried.
• There must be as soon as they have the feeling of hunger.
• It is better to drink more

fluids, preferring freshly squeezed juice from fruit and berries.
• Climb out of bed quietly, slowly, without sudden movements.
• more rest, because good sleep is important for a pregnant woman.
• Try to be prudent.
• If a fever can help wiping vinegar.
• From tablets should be abandoned, as they all have side effects.
• Try to avoid stress and anxiety.

unborn child in five weeks.

How does a child in the five weeks of pregnancy can be seen in the photo.At 5 weeks of pregnancy the fetus varies considerably.First, it changes its form - in five weeks the baby does not look like a flat disk, it is more like a cute small cylinder.Length is 1.5 - 2.5 mm.At that time, doctors call it an embryo.
Throughout this week there are the beginnings of the liver and pancreas.Begin laid the upper airways - the trachea and larynx, heart lays.Appears partial closure - closure of the neural tube (only the middle section).The neural tube - the prototype of the central nervous system and the process of closing the perfect time - it is quite an important event.Equally important in this process given to you consumed folic acid (found in multivitamins or separately).
Another important event: on this week's appearance of the embryo occurs gonoblast - predecessors of his (or her) of sperm or egg cells.In other words, your child already has a pre-images of your grandchildren and grandchildren in the future!This is very surprising, because, right?It is also a principle of action reminiscent of a childhood favorite and the world famous toy - Russian nesting dolls.