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Three months pregnant, photos

Kid 3 months of pregnancy.
Anyone who has been the embryo, fetus and have more and more like a man: he has no tail, and limbs and face almost formed.Functioning and internal organs.The skin of the fruit is wrinkled and red and hair yet.
eyes are capable of being closed because the eyelids have formed, as it has earlobes.Roth is already able to open and close thanks to the working muscles of the mouth.The fully formed fingers grow marigolds.Moreover, at this stage it has already begun sexual differentiation.
It is very important that the fetus can move actively at the expense of well-developed muscles.He is even able to swallow, and his excretory system works too.
One of the key points is that the liver and spleen begin to produce blood, this method of blood (fetal) is stored before delivery.
fruit weighs about 20 grams during the growth of some 6 .5 cm.
Mom in the third month of pregnancy.
good news to the 12 week morning sickness usually stops!Discomfort before this have been caused by the fact th

at in place of mature egg was formed corpus luteum, which is responsible for producing the necessary hormones.Now it is engaged in the placenta.
breasts swell, her nipples darken, appear painful.
uterus gradually increases and already slightly above the pubic bone.
Rarer than at the beginning of pregnancy, the need to urinate.
the bowels slow down, so it's possible constipation.
body's blood circulation is enhanced functioning of the heart, lungs and kidneys.
excitability and irritability persist.
Weight gain in this step is optional, it is usually noticeable only starting in the second trimester.
three months of pregnancy: important changes.
women, pregnant for the first time, can not help but notice that the fetus began to move.
bone-forming system: at the points of ossification of the cartilage begins to harden and becomes a bone.
Endocrine glands are also beginning to work: laid pituitary and begins production of a small amount of hormones, declares itself the thyroid gland.
9-12 week adrenal glands begin to produce the male sex hormone - testosterone, which is under the influence of the boys at this time form the testes.
problem of the third month can be candidiasis.Candida fungi live in a woman's body, but appear under certain conditions, such as severe stress, failure of immunity and hormonal changes.
disease is accompanied by itching and cheesy discharge that causes discomfort.The doctor is likely to prescribe vaginal preparations.
Good advice.
If you're used to play sports, pregnancy - that's no reason to throw.For pregnant suit walking and walking outdoors, swimming, as well as exercises designed specifically for pregnant women.
Since fruit, as described above, is already well-established as a man, the mother can communicate with him: stroking his stomach, speak, sing.Positive emotions are changing the chemical composition of the blood, so that the fruit will definitely feel your love.Therefore, stress should be avoided, because it feels it too.Explore
chest.If it appeared mesh of bluish veins, it's time to pick a quality bra that will support the breasts.
In case of constipation do not hurry to take medicines, in this case, you must first consult with a physician.You can try home remedies, such as stir a dessert spoon of honey in a 100-150 ml of warm boiled water and drink on an empty stomach.In addition, you need to seriously consider the choice of food, because at that time, as some of them (prunes, seaweed) help with constipation, while others will cause the opposite effect.
As mentioned, regular consultation with a gynecologist is necessary.However, you can recall the other doctors.For example, take care of your teeth now, while there is still time.

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